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New Collection Category "Potential Issue"
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DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantBradYonder
Registered: June 22, 2017
United States Posts: 20
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This very well could be something I'm doing wrong, but here goes:

My disc collection is getting a bit out of hand, because I'm purchasing an upgraded format (ie Blu Ray from DVD, 4K from Blu Ray) and I want to part with the formats I no longer want.

I created a Collection Category called For Sale and for several titles I have selected "Move to... For Sale".  The item shows up under For Sale, but is also still showing up under "Owned".

While I still technically own it, I don't wish for it to be showing up under "Owned" once I move it to "For Sale".  Is there a setting I need to look at to remedy this?

(I previously tried flagging items as "For Sale" but from a visual perspective it's easier for me to see them all in one location)
DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantStar Contributorgreyghost
Registered: March 13, 2007
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United States Posts: 1,219
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Uncheck "Include in contents in owned collection" in the Edit Custom Collection Categories dialog.
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