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Quoting bebbaboo:
I got a new error today and can't get it cleared.  I get a windows error window pop up, and then a Profiler error box .. both say the same.  "Configuration system failed to initialize."  The Profiler box is labeled "LoadDVD Pro".

I tried reinstalling, didn't work; tried uninstalling and then installing, didn't work.  Downloaded latest version (2.70) and did the same … didn't work.


I'll get right on it Becca. By the way, I already issued you a refund. You already purchased the item, long ago. No further payment required. I will PM you with a link to a fixed version. By the way, what version of Windows are you running?
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There are also:

- CSV Export Plugin
- ProfilerQuery Tool
- DVDProfileLoop Plugin
- File>Export Profile Database, followed by processing the XML with XSLT or MS Excel
- Print to MS XPS Document Writer and use the XPS Viewer to copy/paste a text file
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Why are you starting another thread on this? Go back to the other thread, and I (and maybe others) will give you procedures for how to recover.
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Quoting sodapopcop:
Thanks for the help. I think I am still having some issues though. I try to connect to the laptop that has the collection and it does the same thing. It gets started in the "updating profile" and stalls right there. I've even tried deleting the online collection and re-submitting with no success. Is there a way to connect the phone to the computer and transfer it via cable? My issue isn't a firewall issue or connectivity through wifi that much I am sure of. I'm just kinda at a loss and fell like the money I spent was a total waste since I'm currently not getting any of the benefits from it anyway. #frustrated

I saw your other post about starting over, using a hand scanner. I don't see why you would give up so quickly. Unless there is something you are not telling us, if you have a copy of your whole collection on a PC, then you should not have to re-scan the whole collection to get it to your phone.

Do you want to try other suggestions on how to use your existing PC collection?
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Maybe a way to lure you into a relationship. Then things go from there: such as going to the ATM or bank together, maybe proposing other things, maybe an accomplice appearing ...
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