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PluginsNew posts in this threadTool: ProfilerQuery  (1 2 3 ...19 )
ProfilerQuery 4.11

I have fixed the problem with UTC dates.

I also took another look at "Enable content wrapping" that was removed in 4.10. I felt that it was a bit lazy of me to remove it just because it wouldn't work the way it was done for the old datagrid. So with a lot of googling as well as trial-and-error I found out how to accomplish it with Syncfusion's datagrid, so it has been re-introduced in this version. See the help file.

As an added bonus I found a better way to calculate row height for multi-row results. It's not always 100% perfect, but it's better than before.

I am  contemplating revamping the Selection criteria in order to make it possible to mix AND logic and OR logic. It could be useful sometimes, but I'm not sure if it is feasible and if it is worth the effort. Feel free to cheer me on if you think this would be a worthwhile enhancement.

Contribution DiscussionNew posts in this threadRoad House Vinegar Syndrome UHD Question
Quoting jurgen42u:
This problem is similar with BFI, Arrow and Indicator releases. The re-release, without slipcover and booklet has the same EAN and is released months or a year after the limited edition, but aren't contributed to database.

If i buy an Arrow, Eureka or Indicator re-release without slipsleeve, booklet and/or reversible sleeve i do contribute an alternate profile.

Not sure if others are only making changes locally, or keep the profile as is, but alternate porfiles in cases as this can, should, and are being contributed.


General DiscussionNew posts in this threadDVD Profiler saids I have 441 views.
Did you accidentally upload a blank collection to your online profile? It's also possible that viewing the blank collection counted as views. Unfortunately, only you would potentially have a previous copy of your collection.

Desktop Technical SupportNew posts in this threadNo plugins show up at all
Oh couple of more things. Don't laugh but I have seen silly things like incorrect date / time system clock and bad DNS values in your internet setup make nasty things happen. Please check those.

New Users ForumNew posts in this thread1 hour old user
This thread has so much spam that the majority of users don't even read the posts. You seem to be a trustworthy user. You should receive plenty of assistance if you re-post your issue in a technical forum thread that is relevant.