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Contribution DiscussionNew posts in this threadHow would you enter the title of this movie for database inclusion?
Quoting rdodolak:
A Perfect Chord

This, exactly this.  Since the stylized character can't be reproduced in profiler, you use the character it is meant to represent.

General DiscussionNew posts in this threadCan't forget us dog lovers ... post funny pics  (1 2 3 ...793 )

General DiscussionNew posts in this threadCat Macros aka LOLCats  (1 2 3 ...958 )

PluginsNew posts in this threadEnhanced Features (plugin)  (1 2 3 )
There is a new version for the 3.9.5 Beta available which has now the new Invelos built-in features enabled.

Note: The missing data in the HTML window is a problem of the Beta, not this plugin. But Ken promised it would be fixed in the next Beta.

Download link: http://doena-soft.de/dvdprofiler/.3.9.5/EnhancedFeatures.zip

DJ Doena
PluginsNew posts in this threadCast/Crew Edit 2  (1 2 3 ...27 )
DVD Profiler 3.9.5 allows the option to add the entry "Puppeteer" to a given cast.

I checked the obvious suspects on IMDb but couldn't find anything.

Does anyone know an IMDb profile that marks an actor as a puppeteer?

DJ Doena
Contribution DiscussionNew posts in this threadCommon name for Matt Zeremes / Matthew Zeremes / Matt Zermes
Perfect Disaster: Complete Series - Matt Zermes as Todd

General DiscussionNew posts in this threadbbbbblog  (1 2 3 ...90 )

Contribution DiscussionNew posts in this threadCommon name for André de Vanny / Andre de Vanny / Andre Devanny / Andre De Vany
The Pacific: Complete Series: ANDRE DE VANNY

Desktop Technical SupportNew posts in this threadneed help
I found this which may help.

Ken Cole
DVD Profiler OnlineNew posts in this thread2017 Watched -ateo357  (1 2 3 ...15 )

Elementary: The Second Season: Disc Six

Region 1

Released: 8/26/2014

Anamorphic 1.78:1

empty profile.