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Box Set Parent: Video Aspect
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DVD Profiler Unlimited Registrantnuoyaxin
prev. known as ya_shin
Registered: March 13, 2007
Taiwan, Province of China Posts: 3,410
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Quoting Nadja:
It's still not possible to contribute a new profile without at least WS/P&S/FF ticked, unless it has box set contents linked. As far as I remember (2.x is in the distant past for me! ) this is how 2.x was as well.

Then it functions properly now (and only the rules need to catch up).

I am not sure anymore if it was related to Box Set content attached to the profile in 2.x. I have a vague memory of this being possible in 2.5, that is why I specifically pointed at 2.4.
Achim [Ya-Shin//Nuo]
Registered: May 29, 2000 (at InterVocative)
DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantStar ContributorRHo
Registered: March 13, 2007
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I would like enter all information into the parent that make sense. I would enter the earliest production year, the country of origin if it is equal for all children, the DVD production studio, the subset of genres which are common for all children, the highest rating, the sum of all run times, the common subset of region codes, the common subset of audio tracks, the common subset of subtitles, the superset of all features, the video format if equal for all children, the concatenation of all overviews and the common cast and crew.

I have said I would like because the current rules prohibit some of those things explicitly while the rest is allowed.
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