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Cast List Contribution question
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DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantWolfpig
Registered: June 20, 2007
Germany Posts: 78
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I know this question might seem pretty obvious but still i better ask.
At the moment i try to add the cast for Blade of the immortal into my profil  (german single disc....seems not yet in the database) and run into a slight issue.


As you can see in the picture that part of the list (the whole cast as no role names or other indicators of what they played) is a bit uneasy to decide on.
I know the lower part with the schools cant be added into the cast....but i have no idea if the upper part is normal cast which appears as actors/extras in the movie or did something else.

I googled some of the names like Let's gota (seems to be a MMA Fighter), Eiko Hayashi a Kabuki Dancer etc. at least it looks like they are persons (but none of them seems to be credited anywhere with the movie...at least i did not found anything).

After those blocks appear a few single names which can be associated with actors which makes it so difficult.

So what should i do.
Add those upper block of names into the cast even if i cant 100% verify that they appeared in the actual movie, or should i leave that out?
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