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Gmail latest updates is here .
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Registered: March 5, 2018
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Dropbox has been arranging itself as a contender to Google Docs and Drive for quite a while - the association evidently passed on cloud-balanced ability to the greater part, and late relationship with Microsoft Office have given it fiery report creation and composed exertion features. So it's to some degree shocking to see Dropbox announce an important association with Google today: the organization will soon have the ability to interface with Google's G Suite. What's most fundamental to know there is that customers will have the ability to make Google Docs, Sheets and Slides records particularly inside Dropbox.

We haven't seen correctly how this will work yet, yet it's in all probability similar to what Dropbox did with its Microsoft association. Dropbox's iOS and Android applications are immovably planned with Word, Excel and Powerpoint, allowing you to make new records in Dropbox and a while later jumping specifically into Office to manage the unobtrusive components. So likewise, your Dropbox storing can be associated with an Office online record. In case we expected to figure, Google's record forms will basically be added to the Dropbox interfaces when you ask for that it make new archives, accepting you've associated your Google and Dropbox accounts.

Those archives will be secured in Dropbox accumulating, and customers will have the ability to open and adjust them straight through Dropbox's interface. Finally, for associations misusing this, Google Docs archives set away in Dropbox will be managed the same as whatever else; executives will have the ability to repudiate get to or by and large watch out for those records the same as whatever else set away in an association Dropbox account.

Dropbox is consolidating with Google's contraptions in two or three unique courses, as well. Starting, a Dropbox for Gmail add-on will allow customers to make associates with Dropbox archives right in the Gmail interface. Also, a mechanical assembly for the essentially detailed Hangouts Chat will bring Dropbox records specifically into the new advising program - customers can request, offer and survey reports without leaving the Hangouts Chat UI.

Disregarding the way that Dropbox and Google battle in on a very basic level the same as locales, the association looks good on a couple of levels. Extending amounts of associations are using G Suite for their business work, which suggests progressively Google files are skimming around out there. Meanwhile, stacks of business are using Dropbox to manage their records and furthermore for amass collaboration. Enhancing those two universes play together will benefit customers of the two phases, and Dropbox has long said it needs to work with each one of the contraptions people use to finish things. Adding Google to its once-over of assistants should go far towards moving that. These mixes are directly expected that would go live in the second half of 2018.

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Please explain what this has to do with DVDprofiler (this is not the place to spam about Dropbox...).

If it is important, say it. Otherwise, let silence speak.
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Quoting eommen:
Please explain what this has to do with DVDprofiler (this is not the place to spam about Dropbox...).

You already said what it is: Spam. Probably placed here by a bot, so no one will read your question.
Achim [Ya-Shin//Nuo]
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