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Algorithm for genre selection?
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DVD Profiler Unlimited Registrantjfrench
Registered: April 16, 2008
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I'm only referring to my collection here, not to contributions.
In creating a report in which the genre served as a background it became apparent that referring to Television as a genre for the production was not descriptive.  Or as the Contribution rules would call it a "blatant " error.
I removed it from all of my Profiles for which it was not correct and that leads me to my question.  Does anyone have, or can come up with a simple algorithm for genre selection?  It seemed obvious that certain genres were self-evident such as Western, Science Fiction, War, Crime etc. but the number of profiles which don't agree was surprising.  The first step in determining the genre was asking my self what would be  the first thing I would say to someone who had no idea of what the film was about,  e.g. "It's a war/science fiction/western  etc. movie'  Any help out there?
Jim F.
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