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Better Movies than the book?
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DVD Profiler Unlimited Registrantjfrench
Registered: April 16, 2008
United States Posts: 347
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I heard an interview with Francis Ford Coppola In which he expressed his hesitancy in making The Godfather due to it's emphasis on some sexual content.  He agreed to make it when it was considerably toned down.  Having read the book, I think he totally made the right decision.  I don't have any particular aversion to sexual content but in this case I certainly agree with Coppola.  I then though about Jaws and it also benefited by the sexual content of the book being eliminated.  I can think of several cases where the opposite has been true also.  Battleground comes to mind where after a serious illness that could effect the character's sexual performance, the movie version has swimming instead of sex which missed the point.  Can anyone think of other movies where the inclusion or exclusion of sexual content changes the quality of the film?
DVD Profiler Unlimited Registrantankford
Registered: February 26, 2019
Denmark Posts: 15
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My first thought was both the TV and Cinematic adaptations of IT by Stephen King. I think it changes the tone of what Pennywise feeds off of a little bit in a positive direction. Plus, you know, nobody wants to see THAT scene in a movie.

(For those not aware, the book version featured a heavily implied group sex scene by the child versions of the characters. Even King himself has distanced himself from that scene since)
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