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Do your localities and regions match?
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That may be a bit difficult to check without any help, especially if you have a large collection. But ProfilerQuery can take you a long way. Are your US locality Blu-rays all marked Region A? Well:

If everything is right, this should not return any matches. You can do the same thing for Canada. You can't do both at the same time, because ProfilerQuery doesn't do mixed And/Or logic.

To check European localities, this is only slightly more complicated:

This should work unless you have region C titles. If so, you could add Regions is not equal to C.

The same priciple could help you with localities and regions for DVDs. Just one note of caution:
Do not specify Media Types is equal to DVD, since this will match any combos that you have. Use Media Types is not equal to BluRay. You can exclude UltraHD and HDDVD as well, if you have those. You get the idea.

Being able to combine criteria this way is what makes ProfilerQuery so useful, and is the reason that I created it in the first place.
My freeware tools for DVD Profiler users.
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