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Multiple disc IDs - online vs. locally
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This is related to the disc ID thread in Contribution Discussions, but since it's not confined just to differing disc IDs in Windows 10, I thought it should have its own thread. This is a purely technical discussion.

The rules say:
If your Disc ID differs from the Disc ID in the main database, you may change it and re-contribute it. All Disc IDs are stored in the main database and are used for disc identification within DVD Profiler.

I'm curious about that last bit - used for disc identification within DVD Profiler. It seems to imply that there is support for multiple disc IDs in the local database. I'm wondering if this is correct.

I tested changing a profile with old type ID to the new Windows 10 id. Then I inserted the disc while AnyDVD was running. Profiler did not select it, like it did when it had the old ID. So apparently you cannot add another disc ID locally. You just change it.

That begs the question - what happens when you download a profile that has multiple IDs online? Does the local profile then retain both IDs? I suspect that he answer is No. And if so, which disc ID do you actually get?

If you download by inserted disc, then I presume you get the disc ID that's on the disc. But what if you download by UPC or by Title? Which disc ID do you get then?

Does anybody have any clue?
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