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Error uploading collection...
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I've used this product since it first came out.  When the mobile app was offered I continued to give precedent to DVD Profiler for Windows.  Since the beginning I've backed up my local database every month or two without exception and always place a copy of a given backup on a different system or drive.  Over the years I've only needed to restore my database a couple times and I did so from a local backup.  I've never relied on what I had uploaded to Invelos.  I've never relied on what might be residing on my mobile devices.  You know instead of wasting all this time you could have bit the bullet and rebuilt your local database, then created a local backup.  By all means though, throw your little temper tantrum and move on.  Thanks for playing.
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Temper tantrum?  I did rebuild it and have a local, and the bug is there again.  Read before you get High and mighty.  Maybe you’d offer some actual help instead of trying to belittle someone who really loved and appreciated the project that has abandoned all of us.

I’m happy the windows application works for you.  My needs are for an iOS database.

I did completely rebuild my collection once I found a backup I had.  Everything worked for about three days before it went back to giving me the error.  I’ve always updated and entered my data using the iOS app and now it doesn’t work, and it truky appears that there is no one at the company that cares at all.  So why should I or anyone else use the software when it stops working.  I don’t have a choice anymore.  I’m angry because I’ve loved, recommended, and supported the product for years and now there is a serious bug and it’s stopped me from using it, and the company is completely unresponsive about it.  They abandoned me, I’m just waking up to realize I have no choice but to quit using it.  I wish it were different, but look at this thread of effort to resolve it, and there’s been no success even working from a new and rebuilt database.

There’s a serious bug that stops me from using the product, and no one to fix it.  The product is over.

Again, I wish this wasn’t so.
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