Invelos Software's database of DVD information is grown and refined through contributions from users like you. In order to ensure accuracy and consistency within the database, we've created this set of rules governing contributions.

Please familiarize yourself with these rules and feel free to come back here whenever you have a question.

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Contribution Notes

When you contribute a changed profile, you are required to include Contribution Notes. Use the space to enter full explanations for all changes and/or additions that you make. Make special reference to any changes where:

  • You have verified there is a discrepancy between the box and the actual content of the DVD - include your verification method.
  • You are making a subtle change that may be hard to spot - for example spelling correction to the overview.
  • You are removing incorrect information.

Contribution Notes provide an explanation of your changes to other DVD Profiler users and Invelos for voting and deciding whether to accept your contribution, so make your notes useful and descriptive.

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Last Updated: Saturday, April 16, 2016