Invelos Software's database of DVD information is grown and refined through contributions from users like you. In order to ensure accuracy and consistency within the database, we've created this set of rules governing contributions.

Please familiarize yourself with these rules and feel free to come back here whenever you have a question.

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Crew and Cast
Take Crew Credits from the film credits only; list names exactly as they are in the credits. Exception: If the credit information is entirely capitalized, use standard capitalization rules instead. 

Voice dub credits may be included if they are displayed at any time when the film is played with the language matching the profile's locality, even when present in a section distinct from the other credits.

Use the "Credited As" field where the person's name differs from the credited name.

List individual credits only, not company name credits. Exception: If a company name heads a group of crew, use the Group divider to enter the company name.

To determine whether to enter the name directly as credited, or to use the "Credited As" field, use the Credit Lookup tool.

It is not necessary to document the source of the common name, outside the use of the CLT. If there is a dispute over whether the credit references the same person, documentation may be necessary. However, in most cases it is not required.

The inclusion of CLT results in contribution notes is strongly desired but not required. Note: In the case of uncertainty, leaving this out may cause the contribution to be declined.

Do not enter union/guild affiliations, such as A.C.E. and B.O.E.

Military rank/affiliation or other honorifics should be included in the 'Credited As' field. Example: a credit of "Cpl. John Smith, USMC" should be entered as First Name: "John", Last Name "Smith", Credited As "Cpl. John Smith, USMC"

Enter birth years only when necessary to differentate between two actors with the same name. When submitting a contribution that adds a new birth year to one or more credits, list justification in the contribution notes.

Cast and crew images are not contributed with the profile.

Group names of crew members together within each role available and list in exactly the same order credited. The table below gives each of the crew roles available within DVD Profiler. For each category, include only those people credited with the roles listed in the "Role" and "Credited As" columns. If someone is not credited with one of these roles (or direct translations of these roles), do not include them in the Crew section.

NOTE: Crew entered with a role of "Other" will NOT upload as part of your contribution, and are for your local use only. Crew with a standard role selected will contribute without the Custom Role, if one is entered.


Section Role Credited As Incorrect Roles Notes
Direction Director Director,
Directed by
Co-Director Do not include Directors of Special Features
Writing Original Material By Original Material By,
Based on ____ By
Based on Characters By Adapted from another work.
Screenwriter Screenwriter,
Writer Writer,
Written by
Original Characters by Used for screenplays based on characters from another work, credit the author of the characters here. For example comic adaptations and sequels.
Created by
Story by Story by,
Story Created by,
Screen Story by
Developed by Developed by
Production Producer Producer,
Produced by,
A [name] Production (excluding company names)
Associate Producers,
Production Supervisor
Executive Producer Executive Producer Co-Executive Producer,
Associate Producer
Cinematography Cinematographer Cinematographer,
If no Cinematographer:
Photographed by,
Photography by,
Lighting & Photography by
Director of Photography,
Camera Operators
Director of Photography Director of Photography Cinematographer,
Camera Operators
Film Editing Film Editor Film Editor,
Edited by
Principal Editors listed when credited together
Music Composer Music by,
Music Composed by,
Score by,
Score Composed by
Songs by,
Song/Music writers
Used for the composer of the film's Original Score
Song Writer Original Songs, written specifically for the film
Theme By
Sound Sound Sound,
Sound Recording,
Sound Recordist,
Sound Supervisor,
Recording Director,
Recording Supervisor
Recorded by
Only use when there's no production sound mixing credit
Sound Designer Sound Designer,
Sound Design
Supervising Sound Editor Supervising Sound Editor,
Supervising Editor (when within the Sound section of the credits)
Sound Editor Sound Editor,
Dubbing Editor
Sound Re-recording Mixer Re-recording Mixer,
Sound Mixing,
Principal Sound Mixer,
Sound Re-recording,
Sound Re-recording Engineer,
Sound Re-recordist,
Dubbing Mixer
Production Sound Mixer Production Sound Mixer,
Production Mixer,
Location Sound Mixer,
Sound Mixer (when listed outside the Sound credits)
Art Production Designer Production Designer
Art Director Art Director,
Set Decorator
Costume Designer Costumes [by],
Costume Supervisor,
Gowns [by],
Wardrobe [by],
Wardrobe Designer,
Wardrobe Supervisor
Make-up Artist Chief Makeup Artist,
Department Head, Make-Up Artist,
Head Make-Up Artist,
Key Make-Up,
Key Make-Up Artist,
Key Makeup Artist & Hairstylist,
Lead Makeup Artist,
Makeup and Hair Designer,
Makeup Artist,
Make-Up Designer,
Makeup Artist & Hair to [Cast Name],
Makeup for [Cast Name]
Visual Effects Individual Credits:
Visual/Digital/Special/Special Visual Effects, including Designer, Supervisor, and Director,
Special Photographic Effects
Studio/Company Names
Make-up Effects Make-up Effects,
Special Make-up Effects [by]
Prosthetic Make-Up
Creature Designer

A Special Effects Coordinator can be added & credited when No Special Effects Supervisor is credited anywhere in the credits

Do not enter unit crew such as "Unit Photographer"

Do not contribute uncredited crew members, as they can not be identified with (uncredited) as they are in the cast section. If you wish to see these uncredited crew members in your local database you can do so, but do not include them in contributions to the main database.

Do include "Supervising" credits in the above categories, examples: "Supervising Art Director", "Makeup Supervisor", except where explicity forbidden above.


For the purposes of this section we define "standard" film credits as those where all credited actors involved are listed at the end of the film - defined here as the "end credits". The section details both the actor’s Name and the Role that they played in the film. The credits may be listed "in order of appearance", "alphabetical order" or in an order of importance decided by the filmmakers. Some actors may be credited a second time in either credits at either the opening or close of the film.

For any film with standard credits, take the actor information from the end credits only, with names and roles listed exactly as they are in the credits and in exactly the same order credited.  Exception: If the credit information is entirely capitalized, use standard capitalization rules instead.

Use the "Credited As" field where the actor's name differs from the credited name.

If a film does not have standard credits, use the following rules:

  • If a film has actors listed in the opening credits, which are not listed in the end credits, add these to the list in DVD Profiler before those taken from the end credits.
  • If a film has no end credits, but does have actors credited elsewhere, enter the actors from those credits.
  • If there are no credits, the film's official site may be used as a source, as long as the inclusion does not violate the site's published policy (if any).
  • If an actor is credited by name but does not have an associated role, you may use the film itself, or another source to identify the role. However, mass copy from a third party commercial database which violates their stated usage license is not allowed. In each case, list Actor’s names and roles (when given) exactly as they are in the credits and in exactly the same order credited.

In addition to the above, the following rules should be followed:

  • For animated films or voice-only roles, use the "Voice" checkbox.
  • If puppeteers are included in the end credits include them and append (puppeteer) at the end of the role.
  • If an actor name is only a first name or stage name enter it entirely in the first name field. Examples are Cher, Madonna, Cedric the Entertainer & Queen Latifah.
  • If an actor's credited name includes a nickname, highlighted by ", ’ or ( ), list it in the middle name field. For example John "JS" Smith, John ‘JS’ Smith or John (JS) Smith
  • Articles (such as de, de la, di, von) are entered in the appropriate name field along with the name that they precede. Use the film credits to determine whether the actor capitalizes this article or not.
  • Uncredited actors may be listed in alphabetical order following all credited actors. Use the "Uncredited" checkbox to indicate these. Uncredited actors are not required entries.
  • Do not translate foreign language role names to the language of the locality unless a translation is provided in the film credits.
  • Do not include artificial actor entries to act as separators between cast lists. (e.g. "--JAPANESE CAST--"), instead use the Divider feature for this.
  • Cast credited "Himself", "As Himself", or a variation should be entered normally with the actor's name, and with a role of "Himself" or "Herself" as appropriate.
  • Certain name standardizations are performed during contribution. e.g. John Smith Jr becomes John Smith, Jr.

Do not list actors and crew who appear only in special features, or whose scenes were deleted from the main feature, even if they appear in special features.

Do NOT use IMDb style Roman Numerals to distinguish between crew members or actors using the same name


Dividers allow the segregation of cast and crew into logical groupings. Wherever possible, these groupings should mirror the film credits.

  • Use Episode dividers for TV show episodes, distinct films, or other logical episodic distinction. Also use episode dividers for full cast division, such as "Japanese Voices".
  • Use Group dividers to designate cast grouped in the credits such as "Soldiers" or "Additional Cast".
  • "Cast", "In order of appearance" or other similar headers at the start of the credits should not be entered.
  • Also use Group dividers for crew teams, included only if the crew meets the other listing requirements.
  • Groups should be ended with a "Group End" type divider, unless the next entry begins a new group.
  • Do not add a group end divider at the end of the cast, or at the end of a crew section.
  • When including Company names in group dividers, use full description i.e. "Visual Effects by ILM" instead of "ILM". Omit company suffixes such as LLC, Ltd., Inc. Omit location specific suffix.
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