Here you can download programs and addons such as translations, plugins, reports and layouts to extend DVD Profiler.

Mobile Translations
Master Translation Source File
Description Release Date Links
Master translation source for version 3.8.0 September 16, 2017 Mirror #1

For users who intend to create a new translation file or correct/complete an existing one:

To ensure you have the latest translatable strings, download and save the master source file, then use the Load Keys option to load the translatable strings.

In the translation editor, right-click on the translatable string list and select Load Keys From....  Browse to the master source file and select OK.

Contributed Translations
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Nederlands (Dutch) (v 3.6.1)
Author:Pieter Kleine
Submitted:April 18, 2010
Description:Nederlandse vertaling (revisie 231) voor DVD Profiler 3.6.1 van Pieter Kleine (Rhodanos)
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