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How can you tell?
Topic Replies: 49, Topic Views: 8464
Citing the BD bonus materials:
- ... we lean towards horror, ...
- The director Ruben Fleischer was chosen, because he had alread experience with the horror/comedy cross over from Zombieland
Topic Replies: 9, Topic Views: 137
The Photograph@1:42:08
Topic Replies: 5, Topic Views: 237
Made in Heaven@1:33:53
Supervising Makeup & Hair
Topic Replies: 11, Topic Views: 558
Hidden in Silence@0:01:29
Directed By
Richard A. Colla
Topic Replies: 12, Topic Views: 724
Quoting Deacon78:

Kaya Möller            20 titles (25 profiles)
Kaya Marie Möller  17 titles (27 profiles)
Kaja Marie Möller      1 title (1 profile)
Kaja Möller              5 titles (5 profiles)

Kaya Möller  12 / 17 confirmed

- Astérix & Obélix: Au service de sa Majesté  confirmed by AiAustria
- Auf der Suche nach der Schatzinsel: Die komplette Serie (Search for Treasure Island)
- Bastille day  confirmed by AiAustria
- Belle et Sébastien: l'aventure continue
- Bones: Season 5  confirmed by Deacon
- Bones: Season 6  confirmed by Deacon
- Carol
- Date Night  confirmed by Deacon
- DearS
- Dorfpunks  confirmed by AiAustria
- Kaze tachinu (BluRay Disc ID: A64D-3702-AEDA-0329)
- Die Kommune (Kollektivet)  confirmed by AiAustria
- Monsters University  confirmed by Deacon
- Rio confirmed by AiAustria
- The Originals: Season 2  confirmed by Deacon
- The Sitter  confirmed by Deacon
- You're not you  confirmed by AiAustria

Kaya Marie Möller  14 / 16 confirmed

- Bad Times at the El Royale  confirmed by AiAustria
- Die brillante Mademoiselle Neïla (Le Brio)  confirmed by AiAustria
- Epic  confirmed by AiAustria
- A Ghost Story  confirmed by AiAustria- Glee: Season 1  confirmed by Deacon
- Glee: Season 2  confirmed by Deacon
- Glee: Season 3  confirmed by Deacon
- Glee: Season 4  confirmed by Deacon
- Guardians of the Galaxy  confirmed by Deacon
- I am Number Four confirmed by SwissFilm
- Lights Out
- Mord im Orient Express (Murder on the Orient Express)  confirmed by AiAustria
- Pan
- Star Wars: The Force Awakens  confirmed by AiAustria
- Star Wars: The Last Jedi  confirmed by AiAustria
- The Sorcerer's Apprentice  confirmed by SwissFilm
- Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri  confirmed by AiAustria

Kaja Marie Möller  1 / 1 confirmed

- American Horror Story: Asylum: The Complete Second Season  confirmed by SwissFilm

Kaja Möller  1 / 1 confirmed

- The Enid Blyton Adventure Series  confirmed by LKanne
Topic Replies: 50, Topic Views: 9850
Love and Learn (1947)


Topic Replies: 16, Topic Views: 4181
Quoting GSyren:
The question is - are they legit? 50 popular movies released by one small media company, all with the same UPC. To me that sounds as legit as 50 one dollar bills with the same serial number. So they probably should not have been contributed at all.

Yes, they are legit. - At least this form of EAN is. It is usually used to sequentially number issues of periodicals (magazines, brochures, newspapers, etc.) -> see here.

It is one of DVDProfilers legacies, that an American programmer can't think of anything else but UPCs. Most of the other numbering schemes are compatible, some are not.
Topic Replies: 226, Topic Views: 15452
Since CubbyUps is not willing to update his thread anymore... 


Donald Gibb  (15)
1st & Ten Season 1 (Confirmed by ateo357)
The A-Team: Season Two (Confirmed by huskersports)
Amazon Women on the Moon (Confirmed by T!M)
American Tigers
Bloodsport (Confirmed by ateo357)
Bloodsport II (Confirmed by SoylentDave)
Hardcastle and McCormick: Season 1 (Confirmed by greyghost)
Lost in America (Confirmed by T!M)
Magnum P.I.: The Complete Third Season (Confirmed by T!M)
Magnum P.I.: The Complete Fourth Season (Confirmed by T!M)
Meatballs Part II (Confirmed by SoylentDave)
Missing Pieces (Confirmed by T!M)
Revenge of the Nerds (Confirmed by ateo357)
Revenge of the Nerds II (Confirmed by JOHNNYV)
Revenge of the Nerds IV: Nerds in Love
Secret Agent Man (Confirmed by Sidrat)
Transylvania 6-5000 (Confirmed by Sidrat)
U.S. Marshals
Window Theory
The X-Files: Season 1

Don Gibb  (24)/4 Unconfirmed
8 of Diamonds (Confirmed by SoylentDave)
American Tigers (Confirmed by JOHNNYV)
The Biggest Fan (Confirmed by JOHNNYV)
Black Scorpion: The Television Series
Bloodsport II
Boy Meets World: The Complete First Season
Cheers: The Final Season (Confirmed by T!M)
Conan the Barbarian (1982) (Confirmed by Kluge)
Durango Kids (Confirmed by SoylentDave)
Grind (Confirmed by ateo357)
Hancock (Confirmed by ateo357)
Hearts Afire: The Complete Second Season
Hellboy II - The Golden Army (Confirmed by AiAustria)
Hunter: The Complete Series (Confirmed by T!M)
Jocks (Confirmed by SoylentDave)
Knight Rider: Season Three (Confirmed by T!M)
Lightning Bug (Confirmed by bigdaddyhorse)
MacGyver: The Complete Final Season (Confirmed by T!M)
Magic Kid 2 (Confirmed by SoylentDave)
My Two Dads: The Complete Second Season
Night Court: The Complete 8th Season (episode: Nobody Says Rat Fink Anymore) (Confirmed by greyghost)
Pacific Blue: The Complete Second Season (Confirmed by huskersports)
Quantum Leap: The Complete Fourth Season (Confirmed by Pantheon)
Renegade: The Complete First Season (Confirmed by JOHNNYV)
Revenge of the Nerds IV: Nerds in Love (Confirmed by SoylentDave)
Sevate (Confirmed by SoylentDave)
U.S. Marshals (Confirmed by Pantheon & huskersports)
Window Theory (Confirmed by huskersports)
The X-Files: The Complete First Season (Confirmed by huskersports)
Topic Replies: 21, Topic Views: 6552
Because the space on the left side of the dot is smaller than the space on the right side.

If you interpret it in another way, it would be: I.A.L.Diamond - without any space!
Topic Replies: 16, Topic Views: 4181
The (only) purpose of the CLT was (is) to find the name an artist most often uses, the name we consider as his common name.

This is and will allways be the main issue to be solved by any CLT tool. And, therefore 364 is the correct count for Ziyi Zhang.

That said, I'm open to any information provided additionally... But the 366 example does not seem to be of any value, because it lists 364 Ziyi Zang profiles with two Zhang Ziyi profiles, which are rather randomly selected out 317 existing Zhang Ziyi profiles.

And yes, it was an idea popped up a while ago, to scan for all known name variants at once and leave the counting to the presentation part of a solution.
But this would mean a lot of extra work:
- there would be an array neede to collect all valid name variants
  - some help for the user entering them would be nice (eg. automatic flipping, removing middle initials, ...)
  - name variants that come up while scanning should be added automatically
  - ...
- then there would have to be single CLT call and scraping process for each and every name variant
- then the presentation tool would be requested to separate the whole bunch into the different variants and count them

I did not follow this idea, since, from my point of view it is more iportant to get a stable and futureproof CLT tool than getting high sophisticated new features. But it would save a lot of time, before setting up common name threads, if all the information for one person could be gathered with one single step
Topic Replies: 226, Topic Views: 15452
Just out of curiosity: Do you have an example, where the CLT respects double white space?

Remark: In my code snippet I need the replacement to remove the double spacing I inserted some lines above by the dumb concatenation for F+M+L.

Why the snippet: To clarify that it is not necessary, nor allowed, to compare the F/M/L fields, if there is CreditedAs entry given.

My opinion on taking care of double spacing: From the view of the pupose of the CLT it is a bug to differentiate between single and double spaces (I can't reference a rule forbiding double spaces, but I can't imagine any reason why this should be allowed within name fields, in none of them (F/M/L/CreditedAS).
Topic Replies: 226, Topic Views: 15452
Very creative... I'll ue the opening credits.

Jeanette Volturno (????): Producer; aka. Jeanette Brill, Jeanette Volturno-Brill, Jeanett Volurno

Known for: The Hunger Games, Upgrade, The Purge movies, The Lazarus Effect, Whiplash and many more.
Documentation: Homepage, IMDB as Jeanette Volturno (XII), LinkedIn, The Movie DB, CatchlightFilms

Jeanette Brill  (1)
Fist of the Warrior - confirmed by greyghost

Jeanette Volturno  (23)
Black Christmas - confirmed by RAPMAN
BlacKkKlansman - confirmed by greyghost
Don't Let Go - confirmed by greyghost
Fantasy Island - confirmed by greyghost
The First Purge - confirmed by AiAustria
Get Out - confirmed by greyghost
Halloween - confirmed by greyghost
Happy Death Day - confirmed by AiAustria
Happy Death Day 2U - confirmed by greyghost
Heart of the Beholder - confirmed by Nosferatu
The Hunt - confirmed by huskersports
The Invisible Man - confirmed by Fire and Blood
The Keeping Hours - confirmed by Gamemaster
Lowriders - confirmed by greyghost
Ma - confirmed by The Movieman
Ouija: Origin of Evil - confirmed by greyghost
Prey - confirmed by greyghost
The Purge: Election Year - confirmed by AiAustria
Rings (The Ring: Full Circle) - confirmed by Gamemaster
Seven in Heaven - confirmed by Gamemaster
Sweetheart - confirmed by AiAustria
Truth or Dare - confirmed by greyghost
Upgrade - confirmed by greyghost

Jeanette Volturno-Brill  (19)
Amityville: The Awakening - confirmed by greyghost
The Boy Next Door - confirmed by greyghost
Curve - confirmed by greyghost
The Darkness - confirmed by greyghost
Delirium - confirmed by greyghost
The Gift - confirmed by greyghost
In a Valley of Violence - confirmed by greyghost
Incarnate - confirmed by greyghost
Jem and the Holograms - confirmed by greyghost
The Lazarus Effect - confirmed by greyghost
Mercy - confirmed by JOHNNYV
Ouija - confirmed by greyghost
The Purge: Anarchy - confirmed by AiAustria
Stretch - confirmed by greyghost
The Town That Dreaded Sundown - confirmed by JOHNNYV
The Veil - confirmed by greyghost
Viral - confirmed by JOHNNYV
Visions - confirmed by JOHNNYV
Whiplash - confirmed by AiAustria

unconfirmed  (2)
• Break a Leg
• Curve - confirmed by greyghost
• In the Weeds
• Insidious 3 - confirmed by greyghost
• The Lazarus Effect - confirmed by greyghost
• The Lords Of Salem - confirmed by greyghost
• Paranormal Activity 3 - confirmed by greyghost
• Sinister II - confirmed by Gamemaster
Topic Replies: 24, Topic Views: 3686
Sorry, a few days offline...

Quoting mediadogg:
Man I hope you guys are not totally sick of me, but I am determined to get this damned thing right. If I were smarter, it would be faster. Sorry.

Anyways, is there anybody that can confirm how many profiles in this XML file have credits for "ziyi zhang" spelled exactly that way? (I know there are 366 profiles in the file. But do I really have two profiles with no valid credits???? If so, which two?)

I appreciate the help in advance. I am so dizzy with code variations and watching progress bars ...

As far as I can see, the two profiles are the German version of 4011976827085 and 4011976829584. Both Swiss profiles are complete crap:
- the EAN 401x belongs to Germany
- there are no swiss cover justifying a swiss locality profile for this titles
- the credits are either from the cover or from IMDb
- in one case the credited as is entered as role name

... but they are valid "Ziyi Zhang" profiles by the means of the CLT, both have FN="Ziyi", LN="Zhang" and CreditedAs=""

The German profiles, which are not listed by the CLT have a credited as entry CreditedAs="Zhang Ziyi", which makes them to profiles for "Zhang Ziyi" but they are NOT countable for "Ziyi Zhang"!

From this example 364 is the correct number of profiles.

There are multiple cases:
(1) - credited only in the creditedAs field
(2) - credited in both creditedAs and F/M/L
(3) - credited only in F/M/L
(4) - neither

F/M/L is only valid, if there is no CreditedAs entry...

Let me use a (syntactical wrong) meta program code:
if ( CreditedAs != "") then
  SearchString := CreditedAs
  SearchString := FirstName + " " + MiddleName + " " + LastName
// Remove unneeded spaces
SearchString := Regex.Replace( SearchString, "\s+", " ")
SearchString := Trim(SearchString)
Topic Replies: 226, Topic Views: 15452
Quoting mreeder50:
I just checked all the credits for St. Vincent and he is not listed anywhere.

He (and his Brother Gerrit) is a German voice actor (and dialog writer), who primarily does German dubbing. He won't appear on US DVDs/BluRays.
Topic Replies: 35, Topic Views: 4905
This was my last entry for this thread. The picture is clear: He is either credited as Dennis Schmidt-Foß or as DENNIS SCHMIDT-FOSS.

As Ken clarified here an totally capitalized SS can be converterd to a lower case ß.

Therefore the common name for him is:

Dennis Schmidt-Foß
Topic Replies: 35, Topic Views: 4905
Hunter Killer
Topic Replies: 35, Topic Views: 4905
Clint Eastwood
Topic Replies: 226, Topic Views: 15452
Looking at the problem from a technical distance, it shows up as: Each and every disc can pop up under two different Disc IDs - one under Windows 10 and another one on any previous version of Windows.
Adding some other facts:
- It is not very likely Invelos will correct this behaviour (provide a workaround)
- since the problem was raised many Windows versions ago, it is not likely neither, that Microsoft will address this issue
- I don't think there is a tendency to downgrade Windows...

This means for me, we - the community - need to find a way to cope with the data problem!

The only way, I could imagine, to keep the functionality, would be to store both Disc IDs in parallel. A new Windows 10 ID in a seperate line (not replacing the existing Win7 ID but adding another line to the discs field), probably marked as "Main Feature W10"...

Tossing around the idea a little bit, a question: is there any need to replace an existing Disc ID at all?
- DiscIDs are read from disc, there can't be typos in it
- Inserting a wrong disc is most unlikely because it would rather complicate profiling it...
Topic Replies: 155, Topic Views: 8796
For the "main database": I'd assume that disc IDs are handled like any other data. If the data is overwritten by a contribution, it is overwritten - means the overwritten data is lost.
Topic Replies: 155, Topic Views: 8796
Currently missing titles

Kaya Möller:
Auf der Suche nach der Schatzinsel: Die komplette Serie (Search for Treasure Island)

Kaya Marie Möller:
Topic Replies: 50, Topic Views: 9850
Die Kommune (Kollektivet)
Kaya Möller
Topic Replies: 50, Topic Views: 9850
Mord im Orient Express (Murder on the Orient Express)
Kaya Marie Möller
Topic Replies: 50, Topic Views: 9850
A Ghost Story (2017)
Kaya Marie Möller
Topic Replies: 50, Topic Views: 9850
Die brillante Mademoiselle Neïla (Le Brio)
Kaya Marie Möller
Topic Replies: 50, Topic Views: 9850
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