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Love him or hate him - he certainly did his share of clarifying certain interpretations of the rules.

Personally I never had any issues with him, but rather constructive discussions, and on more than one occasion a difference in opinions. But he always treated me with respect, as I treated him.

Hope to see him back some day.

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Greetings & salutations!

My brother has autistic twins, and one of their favourite cartoons are Tom & Jerry. They've got an extensive collection, but are missing the title "Tom og Jerry samlede narrestreker vol. 6".

If any of our Norwegian users has got a copy of this title, and wouldn't mind too much parting with it, please PM me so I can put my brother in contact with you to arrange payment for said title.

It has to be the Norwegian edition - they are very specific, as people with autism often are.

Thanks in advance - and a happy Thanksgiving to our American users.

Peace out.

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