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I logged into the website today, and realized that I hadn't been here since mid December.

I use to check almost everyday for new discussions, and even though some were quite spirited, I always did enjoy the back and forth.

I know that I was tapering off, checking here once or twice a week, but to go an entire month plus, and not even realize I hadn't been here seems kind of weird.

Maybe it is me, but the draw to the online has lost its appeal, and that maybe due to a lack of interest by the owners. With a lack of interest from the owners, the lack of interest by the community seems to have followed.

At the current rate, my lack of interest may all be a death knell of my participation or even perusing this site, and that is a shame.

I still use the program, though that seems to have tapered off a bit too, but that may be not buying as much as I once did.

To the future we head, even though that future is unsure...
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