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I ignored some of dvdprofiler alphabetical orders on my shelves for example; I organized some of its sequels in production years instead of following its' alphabetical order.

Other hand, I organized a little different way, I reorder sequels, for example; Chinatown (Jack Nicholson) and the next to it would be "The Two Jakes" (Jack Nicholson) so that way I will know both DVDs are connected together instead separating from each other. Other Jack Nicholson made other sequel titles differently from each other that are "The Terms of Endearment" and "The Evening Star".

I have been struggling with two titles are Jesse James and The Return of Frank James. Both acted by Henry Fonda and its about Jesse James (Tyrone Power) in first part of sequel and the next movie focus on Frank James who plays in two films. I organized Jesse James and next DVD is Frank James but there are so many titles for example; The Last Days of Frank & Jesse James, True Story of Jesse & Frank James, etc. I wanted to collect and keep those together not put in far off shelves from each other. HELP! Ideas?
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