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The "Collection Hints" are part of the Layout.

View -> Save Layout...
you can either save everything or explicitly choose only "Custom Collection Hint Design".
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Quoting aintnosin:
I'd like to have custom collection categories that, rather than having titles assigned to them, would display the results of a saved filter.

Something close to it would already be possible with mediadogg's "MyTools" plugin.

You can call Filter-Sets or DVD Profiler Command-files at the touch of an icon. I use it since forever, e.g. I have a "show unwatched titles" button, a "Export XML" one etc pp

cya, Mithi
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Quoting AiAustria:
Yes, and the fact, that the XML export only covers cast and crew for exported profiles. Cast and crew members, which are not listed in any profiles are ignored.

Brutal solution (feasible?): Create one mock-profile and assign all possible cast & crew to it? 
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hm, works for me as it should. When you load the text, does something like "X Flagged" show up at the bottom of the DVD Profiler Window?
Does the list you made contain UPCs 12 numbers? Just checking, maybe the app mucked something up.

- Flag a few profiles at random
- Collection -> Flags -> Save Set...

Now you can have a look at how the files should look, it resides (IIRC by default) in:
$your_User\Documents\DVD Profiler\Flags
Make a copy of it and rename it to TXT so you can either load it as a set (*.LST) or UPC file (*.TXT)

- Collection -> Flags -> Unflag All
- Collection -> Flags -> Load Set...
and open the saved list, they should now be flagged again.

Supplemental: Just to be sure that it is not a simple visibility problem:
- Collection -> Sort By -> Fagged First
- Collection and uncheck "Nest Box Sets"
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Quoting ADre9:
for my collection I created 2 lists.

You are talking about Custom Collection Categories I presume? Easiest way I can think of is switching "Include contents in owned collection" on.

Make a backup beforehand, and test if this has any negative side-effects for you.
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Quoting Ralston:
Yeah I asked for a 3D filter years ago and still nothing

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It is already possible, with a bit of work.

I'm using a Collection Category 'Netflix' (which I should have renamed to 'Streaming' by now) in conjunction with media-types 'Netflix', 'Amazon Prime' and 'Amazon Pay' to keep track of titles I want to watch and more important titles I did watch.

I just search the best fitting profile (in most cases BD because I like the ratio of the covers, US locality because no nasty rating stickers) and download it. For streaming titles I don't really care for most of the technical stuff, so I leave it untouched.

Everything before the Netflix-placeholder is Wish-List (sorted alphabetically), everything after is Watched (sorted newest last)
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Quoting bbbbb:
Welcome to the Asylum to all newbies! 

Could you hamster brain stop quoting obvious spam URLs?
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Quoting mreeder50:
So here we are 2017 and we still do not list a Chinese or Chinese (Taiwan) Audio Tracks and we still have to use Other. Yea, I know, we list Mandarin and Cantonese, but there is no way to tell which is which, unless you speak Chinese.

You just have to read what the track is called in the menu? Unfortunately the DVDknowledgedatabase is gone, I had a list there with the languages in their own writing system.

Taiwan should be either Mandarin, which is the official language or it could be Hokkien (also a chinese language), which seem to be the first language of 70% of the people.
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As Greyghost wrote: BulkEdit. Set the Collection Number to -1

short video that shows how use BE, 'Tool 3' should be the thing for you.

Extremely important: Make a backup of your database first!

And edit ~100 profiles at a time (depending on your machine maybe more, but best not try 1600 in one go)
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Quoting bobnunny:
First, the site is telling me I am a "free" user, but I'm not.  I just purchased it via PayPal.
says the website recognizes you as a paying user.
But I'd like to learn if there is a way to import movies already cataloged in Access (or CSV) into it without having to scan 100's of cases.

That heavily relies on WHAT you want to import and whether you have UPCs/EANs.
DVD Profiler uses a combination of UPCs/EANs and Locality to identify a title.
So for pure "I have that title" the UPC-list import bbbbb described is the way to go.

If you want to carry over personal information like date of purchase, price, unwatched/watched etc it is possible, but needs a bit of work.
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Quoting bbbbb:
Is "Margin Call" part of the DVD Title, or an additional original title?

Is there any reason why you don't include back-cover that would show the credit-block?

And in addition to the distributor, the German rating organisation also say that the title is "Der große Crash - Margin Call", welcome to the world of the wonderful German Doppeltitel.
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Quoting Calidain:
I have been away for a while now and I'm wondering if with all the newest cell phone tech, it there not an app to scan in the bar codes via your phone?

Years ago I used barcode2file
and e.g. "barcode inventory" brings a lot more apps, maybe one of them is even more comfortable?
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Another way:
As I'm not interested in the watched date of the simple contain that a box-set parent is I simply mark them watched as soon as I get them, so purchase date and watched date are the same.
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What DJ said!

First thing you should see while creating a new database is

Choose wisely and continue.
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Quoting ljbarnhill:
I can not find it. it is collection number one (1).

I'd suspect a hiding child profile.

Try Filter (Ctrl&f) -> Personal -> Collection Number between 0 and 2
Should work, if not uncheck
Collection -> Nest Box Sets
and try again.
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Quoting DJ Doena:
According to Intervocative, my 15 years are coming up this May.

17 and some lose change ... my profile will come of age next year! 
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