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Quoting GSyren:
Yeah, unless Microsoft does something stupid that makes the program unusable if it is not updated. 

I have a Windows 2000 virtual machine to be able to use my old USB-scanner, another Windows 10 VM under Windows $whatever won't be that much of a problem. 
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Quoting CubbyUps:
Sure, but if fellow users don't know where to share them what's the point.

There is a German DVD Profiler Forum and while I'm not active there, it would be my first place to look in case of a worst case scenario happening.
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Quoting Knasen69:
Pinned: A site for alternative covers

Thanks for remembering, but the site is down. After a seconds database problem in 2016 I called it quits, because time is a valuable resource. I still do a few cover mock-ups for myself, but as buying discs declines for me so does the general need for special covers.

See my filtered phphDVDprofiler-list, most are just retouched to get rid of a rating logo though, the interesting(?) stuff is in the box sets.
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Quoting Leiterfluid:
Honestly, I'm surprised this number is that low.  My guess that these are old profiles that haven't been touched in over a decade.

Most likely. E.g.:
3 DVD Collection Coen Brothers - last update January 2, 2010

And the [Hidden Title] are most likely porn.
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Netflix is for binging! 

But yeah, I won't sell my Star Trek DVDs and BDs just because the series are all available on Netflix, now.

I hate typing on tablets, there is no haptics to the keyboard, no boarder to one key's end.

You are aware that you can simply plug in a USB-keyboard? USB-to-USB-Mini adapter and off you go.
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Barcodelookup, so the UPC is valid, without the > of course.

As GSyren said, it has to be contributed by someone.
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Quoting xanthus:
How does one change the order of items within a nested DVD set? I added the "I Love Lucy" complete series to my collection, but the various seasons within the nested set are all out of order. How can I fix that?

As Knasen69 said, sort title.

I love Lucy 00 for the parent
I love Lucy 10 first season parent
I love Lucy 11 first season, first disk
I love Lucy 20 sedond season parent
etc pp
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Quoting ninso4:
One parent profile for Incontrol and two child profiles for the bonus feature films.

That would be my line of thinking too. UPC for parent, DiskID and DiskID-Variant#1 for the movies.
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Quoting Dotten:
By the way: May I ask if there is a common practise to mark Your answer (or this thread) for solved in any way? (How?)

Not standard, but good practice anyways in my opinion. There should be an visible before the subject, simply putting [Solved] in front of it would be my solution.
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The "Collection Hints" are part of the Layout.

View -> Save Layout...
you can either save everything or explicitly choose only "Custom Collection Hint Design".
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Quoting aintnosin:
I'd like to have custom collection categories that, rather than having titles assigned to them, would display the results of a saved filter.

Something close to it would already be possible with mediadogg's "MyTools" plugin.

You can call Filter-Sets or DVD Profiler Command-files at the touch of an icon. I use it since forever, e.g. I have a "show unwatched titles" button, a "Export XML" one etc pp

cya, Mithi
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Quoting AiAustria:
Yes, and the fact, that the XML export only covers cast and crew for exported profiles. Cast and crew members, which are not listed in any profiles are ignored.

Brutal solution (feasible?): Create one mock-profile and assign all possible cast & crew to it? 
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hm, works for me as it should. When you load the text, does something like "X Flagged" show up at the bottom of the DVD Profiler Window?
Does the list you made contain UPCs 12 numbers? Just checking, maybe the app mucked something up.

- Flag a few profiles at random
- Collection -> Flags -> Save Set...

Now you can have a look at how the files should look, it resides (IIRC by default) in:
$your_User\Documents\DVD Profiler\Flags
Make a copy of it and rename it to TXT so you can either load it as a set (*.LST) or UPC file (*.TXT)

- Collection -> Flags -> Unflag All
- Collection -> Flags -> Load Set...
and open the saved list, they should now be flagged again.

Supplemental: Just to be sure that it is not a simple visibility problem:
- Collection -> Sort By -> Fagged First
- Collection and uncheck "Nest Box Sets"
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Quoting ADre9:
for my collection I created 2 lists.

You are talking about Custom Collection Categories I presume? Easiest way I can think of is switching "Include contents in owned collection" on.

Make a backup beforehand, and test if this has any negative side-effects for you.
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