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Quoting GSyren:
Those are the only two options. I just want to know which one you think is better.

Those are not the only two options.  There is a third option, make your corrections, upload it, then remove the uncredited roles from your local.  It's not an option you want to consider, because it is more work for you, but it is an option.

Don't get me wrong, I do understand not wanting to do the extra work.  I prefer my cast and crew to be formatted in a specific way.  I used to set them up based on the rules, upload them, then change them based on my preference.  I no longer have that kind of time, so I no longer make that extra effort, which means I no longer contribute.

That being said, I don't see wholesale removal of cast roles simply because you feel they are undocumented supported by the rules.  It certainly doesn't "add significant value to the dataset" so, depending on one's point of view, could actually be considered a violation of said rules.

Just my two cents, not that it really matters for me because, along with no longer contributing, I no longer download data from the on-line so the won't really affect me.
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I have been away for a while because the arguments here have become a bit much...but to answer the question, the ONLY time we create a child profile for bonus material is if it is a Bonus Feature Film:
The term "Bonus Feature Film" is used to define any feature film that is included as part of the bonus material for a single release. These are not the same as Double Features or Anthology Collections which are a collection of films grouped together which require the "Box Set" contribution rules. Do not confuse "Bonus Feature Films" with "Any video documentary material regarding the film, or those associated with it."

Note the bolded part.  If the second and third disc contain anything listed in the chart on the page this rule is on, per the first line on the page, we are to "Use the Features check boxes..."

That being said, the purpose of the Original Title field is to allow "for the tracking of the original feature title."  The original feature title is NOT 'Hellboy: Disc 1', it's 'Hellboy'.  So if you allow the child profile, you must allow the original title.

Seems fairly straightforward to me.  But what do I know. 
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