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Quoting AiAustria:
Quoting iPatsa:
This is what all the common name threads are for, since we are supposed to use the most commonly credited name variant (using "Credited As" if necessary). So the most common name is "right", whether it is "correct" or not does not matter.

Addition: And there is a statement from Ken somewhere out there, that we use first/middle/last not given name//family name parsing, meaning, that we do not try to determine the family name, which are usually liested first in Asian names...

That is as far correct....but depending on Country the Names in the Endcredits could be in the correct (Western) Order.
At least if i check (usual anime) japanese credits with google translate it shows the translated stuff as first/lastname....and i doubt that the app knows that and displays it that way for us...
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A small question on what to do with this.

Bought a boxset which has a very very base profil already in the database with an ean.
The ean itself seems to be correct (if put in google different sites with the box show up, with the other i do not find anything), but it was put on a sticker on the foil wrap of the box over the ean of the paper sleeve where the ean is different (probably misprinted and they did not want to repack/reprint that whole thing new).

Should be a complete new profile with the not correct ean be submitted?
Or should the correct one be used...which would be a bit problematic with the backcoverscan as it would not match and i cant put the sticker over the ean of the paper.

Helpful suggestions appreciated.
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