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Quoting Danae Cassandra:
Also, at least for modern films, non-original songs have licensing info in the credits.

True, but many actual songs for movies will too. Like "Artist XYZ appears courtesy of ..."
I don't think I've ever seen one where an old song will say "from the album" or anything like that. Google search with some wiki and amazon works for me.
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Cat Chaser and The Gambler are both Doug Turner as re-recording mixer
Just double checked both as I don't recall auditing either.
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Here's the credits for Fresh. I stand by my space between the J and Q but open it for debate.

Not sure why it's showing up so huge, but it makes it easier to read at least.
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Green Room is Stephen Prouty, but is under a header of "Prosthetic Renaissance" with about 9 other makeup effects artists. Notes say I did the crew audit, but can't recall exactly how they were worded. I'll double check it later.
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Looking for the common name for Production Designer / Art Director Dan Lomino. Currently we have:
Daniel A. - 33/115
Daniel - 25/118
Dan- 21/119

The credits needing verification:

Daniel A. 10 confirmed

50-Movie All Stars Collection: Disk 10 ("Love is Forever" or "Born to be Sold" fround from cross-refernceing imdb's list of his credits, with movies in this set on amazon)
Baby Comes Home
Billionaire Boys Club confirme by synner_man
Body Bags confirmed by me
Born to be Sold confirmed by ateo357
Cabin Boy
Child's Play confirmed by Corne (r2, check r1)
Christine wrong (ninehours)
Close Encounters of the Third Kind wrong (Corne)
Date Movie wrong (RAPMAN)
Epic Movie confirmed by RAPMAN (region 2, check r1 just in case)
Gilmore girls season 2 (AiAustria)
Good Advice confirmed by T!M
MacGyver: The Complete Series
Mailbu's Most Wanted (huskersports)
Prince of Darkness wrong (Corne)
Robert A. Heinlein's The Puppet Masters Confirmed by CalebAndCo
The Rage (1997)
The Return of Hunter: Everyone Walks in L.A. (T!m)

Daniel 10 confirmed

Buddy (T!m)
Camp Cucamonga confirmed by johhyv
Christine Confirmed by ninehours
Date Movie confirmed by RAPMAN (r2, check r1 just in case)
Deadly Friend (confirmed by me)
Gunfighter's Moon (confirmed by Johnyv
Kitchen Confidential: The Complete Series
MacGyver: The Complete First Season and Complete Series (T!m)
Prince of Darkness confirmed by Corne (r2, check r1 just in case)
Starman confirmed by Kluge
They Live confirmed by RAPMAN (r2, check r1 just in case)

Dan 5 confirmed

50-Movie All Stars Collection: Disk 4 ("Love is Forever" or "Born to be Sold" fround from cross-refernceing imdb's list of his credits, with movies in this set on amazon)
Close Encounters of the Third Kind confirmed by Corne, T!M
Disaster Movie confirmed by VirusPil (r2 only)
Fast Times at Ridgemont High confirmed by T!M
Joan of Arcadia: The First Season
Love is Forever confirmed by ateo357
Malibu's Most Wanted (husker)
The Rage confirmed by sidrat

I haven't been around the site as much the last couple years due to actually becoming bigdaddy for real, so if anyone wants to take this thread over and update when and if updates come in, please feel free.

10 years later, and we still tied!
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Halloween 4 = George P. Wilbur
Halloween 6 (Curse of MM) = George P. Wilbur
Halloween 25 Years of Terror (doc) = George P. Wilbur as himself

I have Firestarter as George Wilbur but didn't audit myself and the cast/crew is taken from an eariler release I don't feel like tracking, so a definite maybe.
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Not sure if you can make a picture show up, but you could put in a link to it as text and hope voters bother to click it. To get a link to just the picture, right click the pic and select "copy image address" then paste that in the notes. Or if you want the whole page it is on, just copy and paste the web addy.
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Hmmmmm, not sure why that isn't on my profile then, unless I determined the song to be from before the movie (quick Googling says the show was first though).  I also see that while I own all the Chappelle show sets (but not the complete series one, just the individual seasons and "Lost Episodes" that came before, which I'm sure are the same), the profile only has a short cast list and is not broken down into episodes. Hell, season 2 doesn't even have any crew listed on mine! Must be cuz I denied the disc level profiles as I like to keep my boxsets as one profile.
Looks like I have a couple things to audit when I get the time.   Thanks.
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What are his credits on Hustle & Flow and Chappelle's Show?
I have those but don't see any of the variants on my local for cast or crew.
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Get Out = Lakeith Stanfield

Purge: Anarchy = Keith Stanfield

Snowden = Lakeith Lee Stanfield

Straight Outta Compton =  Lakeith Lee Stanfield
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Fade to Black = MELINDA FEE

Nightmare on Elm Street 2 = MELINDA O. FEE

both my audits
Topic Replies: 7, Topic Views: 2856
Gridlock'd = Vonda K. Morris

Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight = Vonda K. Morris

Both my audits
Topic Replies: 10, Topic Views: 3569
When a Stranger Calls Back = Thomas Gerard
My own audit.
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Quoting huskersports:
The Hunt (2020): Jeanette Volturno

Sweet, that puts Jeanette Volturno back as common and means I don't have to adjust anything in my local!   Even better, it's the newest stuff so that should stay common unless she gets back with Mr. Brill.
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When a Stranger Calls Back = Marilyn Carbone my own audit

I also have that name on my Tombstone dvd, but did not audit that and don't recognize the original auditor's name, so I can't say for sure until I look at it later which I will if no one else beats me to it. I'm gonna guess it is correct judging by the dates of the movies, it seems all the Kalaadevi stuff is newer titles and Marilyn is older films.
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Very close, and will probably stay that way. Just looking at the most recent Marvel movies he's worked on, it's like he uses J. for one film then not the next one. Just flip-flopping back and forth, no pattern or reason to be seen. Pick a dang name Bart dude!
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Garden of Evil = Bart Mixon

My own audit
Topic Replies: 34, Topic Views: 10303
The Breed
District 9
Starship Troopers 3

all Diana. Either my own audits or highly trusted.
Just double checked District 9 and Dredd (since imdb says Dianna), and both are Diana.
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House of Cards season 4 = Lisagay
Lovelace = Lisagay
Topic Replies: 23, Topic Views: 6546
Broken City = David K.
Bug = David K.
Happy Death Day 2U = David K.
Autopsy = David
Night of the Demons = David
Topic Replies: 17, Topic Views: 5989
Don King: Only in America = Vondie Curtis Hall
My own 2010 audit
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Quoting LKanne:
Quoting Kluge:
Batman Forever --> Tommy Fisher
Collateral Damage --> Thomas L. Fisher

And there is also a Tom Fisher in Quintet but he should be another person

it looks like only imdb has there 2 different Persons.
According data at British Film Institute (BFI)
• Thomas L. Fisher    http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0279812/
• Tom Fisher            http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0279819/
are the same Person.
See Filmography      http://www.bfi.org.uk/films-tv-people/4ce2bad760d89

If this is true, then:
Demon Seed = Tom
Red Dawn = Tom
Last of the Mohicans = Tom

End of Days = Thomas L.
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Not seeing any of these credits on Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare. It is only included on 2 profiles (one UK dvd, another Finland)
Was it written for the movie? No.
Was the soundtrack the first mass release? Yes.

Found this at wiki:
"I'm Awake Now" is the second single released by the Goo Goo Dolls and featured on the Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare Soundtrack.

Like many of the early Goo Goo Doll singles, "I'm Awake Now" was released in a promotional format only."

Since it did have an earlier release, even though a promo, I lean towards saying it doesn't count, but would listen to debate if anyone feels different. Guess it's your call OP, it will stay off my local though.
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