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First...  I have it working... sort of.

1) I can open the Database from EITHER/ONE machine at a time, when it is stored in a commonly accessible NAS folder:  \\NAS\public\DVD Profiler\Live\Databases\Default

2) It does NOT matter whether I have sharing to a specific IP/Port turned on or not, the DB can only be accessed by a single machine at a time.

3) If a second machine tries to access, you get this error:

I suspect this is a file locking deal.

4)  Perhaps the issue is that you can ONLY choose IP addresses that are on the machine from which you are running the software, rather than the IP on the NAS device.  IF I could figure out how to hack that IP, I MIGHT be able to share the file to more than one client/machine at a time and step down to record locking vs. table/file locking.

Question:  Any ideas or suggestions?

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