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The Latest and Greatest Digital Movie Formats

The newest (not many would agree it is the "greatest") iteration of mass distributed MPEG is MPEG 4, the most amazing variant of that is H.264, that Apple Computer uses when the film structure in its iPod Video players. H.264 is integrated into QuickTime seven, which operates on Pcs and macs both, and also is enhanced to offer quality that is high across a wide range of bandwidths - from 3G for mobile devices to high-def (HD) for broadcast and DVD authoring. Mpeg-4 and H.264, obviously, are people of a much larger family of MPEG requirements.

Yet another development track is necessary here: high def (HD) for tv along with the brand new Blu ray and also the several remaining HD DVD disc makers, as well as the part of its in "tomorrow's television," IPTV (Internet Protocol TV). People happen to be confusing HD, a screen technology, with supply quality, arguing that "HD is much better compared to MPEG" - that is a non sequitur. A recent development describes the true connection.

Flying a tad under the radar, in late October 2006, Universal Home Studios Entertainment presented its movie "The Interpreter" to HD DVD encoded with AVC MPEG 4 (Advanced Video Coding MPEG 4, another method to say H.264). The studio had previously applied the VC 1 codec exclusively. Based on "High Def Digest," the "lone various other AVC MPEG 4 HD DVD already on the sector, Paramount's' U2 Rattle and Hum,' is achieved mostly with negative effect from earlier adopters." The publication even reviewed "The Interpreter," and also found the video quality was "rather iffy."

It was a mix of manufacturing costs and quality problems which convinced the electronics plus computer industries to opt for Blu ray as well as nearly totally get away from the HD DVD format. Precisely the same fight took place in the 1980s between Vhs and Betamax, though it's not necessarily quality, per se, which wins away, though the very best harmony of quality, manufacturing enhancing and cost. In this most current battle, Blu ray received a decisive battle. Precisely the same battles are fought among competing electronic video formats.

find this

H.264 was ratified as Part ten of the MPEG 4 standard but, as stated earlier, there are lots of different tastes of MPEG. Scores of businesses are working on increasingly more complex compression schemes depending on the MPEG requirements, and the reason they're doing this - to come complete circle - is due to the amount of completely new and existing content in the industry.

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