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There is a Move All option, no need to flag profiles.
Via the menu (Collection -> Other... -> Edit Custom Collection Categories) you'll find a button underneath the varous collections list (="category name").
Select the "Brothers DVDS" collection, then select the correct Move All option in the dropdown.

That same "Edit Custom Collection Categories" sets the option for separate collection numbering.
1. On the bottom of that window you can specify whether your numbering is category (=collection) specific.
2. Then select that coategory in the list and in the upper right check the "Collection Numbers" option.
3. Leave with "OK" and use the Collection -> Reassign Collection Numbers... option to renumber.

P.S.: How to start numbering from 1000 and upward I am not sure...
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It seems to be built-in for Windows-10, see here. I found this easily by entering "create bootable dvd windows 10" in Google, but you can of course also use DuckDuckGo, Bing etc.
Commericial software like Nero (Nero Burning ROM) also can do it.
In each case it is assumed you have an appropriate .iso file (I suggest you use an Internet search for support on that if needed, specific to your desired OS).
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No. DVDprofiler reads a disk ID of a DVD and that's about it. It does NOT write to a DVD, certainly not creating a bootable disk. For this you need a system utility.
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Quoting Jason Arrow:
Is the DVD Profiler registeration number the same as my Google Play GPA order number?

If not, how do I get a registration number after I have paid on Google play?

Still waiting for full use of DVD Profiler after paying by Google play.

Still no reply from Iverlos  " contact us ".

You "only" have the mobile registration icon, meaning you paid through the Google Play app store to have it on your smartphone. This costs € 2.99 in my locality, in dollars something between 3 and 4 USD. This probably covers the costs for having the app in that store and keep to a competive pricing --- most apps cost only a few dollars or euros. It is not a full licence AFAIK.

Again, AFAIK, the mobile app is basically designed to function as a satellite of the main PC DVD profiler application. Though to an extent it functions well on its own.

The "full" licence costs (for the PC application) is USD 14,95 (see this page in the lower right corner). I assume Invelos will only then provide you with full access.

If my interpretation is wrong, have you checked on this site the "my registrations" page (on the menu item "registration") whether it lists your registration key?
But a response from an Invelos forum monitor would be appreciated.
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You create a box set by creating a profile (add new profile with "download from Invelos" un-ticked) then add the individual profiles in the Edit profile window ("Box set contents" tab). So you need the individual profiles first.

I do not know this trilogy box set but assuming it contains all disks but no separate packages, you should add by disk-ID. One can do this if your PC has a BluRay disk reader.

Alternatively, if you don't have a BluRay reader, you can either wait for them to appear in the online database (can take a long time...) or use stand-ins as follows.
Most likely the individual disks will have been released in your locality as well. Assuming the disks in those releases are the same as in your trilogy box (very likely because producing different disks is an unnecessary cost for the distributor), you can add the individual titles. For eacht title copy the disk-ID (found in the Edit profile/Disks secton) to the UPC/EAN place (menu DVD -> Change UPC). Then create the box set and add them to the box set.

ATTENTION if you take this approach do NOT contribute to the online database, as you've not verified content and disk-ID to actuals.
But you then have the titles locally, can use the Watched by..., see cast and crew etc etc.

And in due course you can check if anyone having a BluRay reader has contributed the boxset properly... when it does you can download, copy/paste the personal data from the stand-ins and remove the stand-ins.
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First, please read my post here in this thread.

I suggest to add, if you didn't already use it, the Database Query plugin. You can find its download location here (this link can be found on this site on the Downloads -> Plugins page).

This plugin also reads the location and slot info from the DVDprofiler main program. Use the 'Personal Information' tab (left column selection) to compose your selection. Once you've run a query, you can add or remove columns to the list to a large extent, like adding the 'Collection Type' resolving your 'personal tab' requirement. You can edit columns by right clicking on any column title then click or unclick what you (do not) want to see.

Select the whole list (click the first profile, then goto the last and shift-click it) and copy (the lefmost small icon below the title bar). The list is now on the clipboard.

Open your favourite spreadsheet program (like Excel or LibreOffice) and paste -- these programs are well suited to column editing. Add your final touches to the report and save it or print it.
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Quoting GSyren:
Quoting eommen:
Or, if you are using the free version of DVDprofiler, post the question in a new thread here in this forum specifically tailored to new and free version users.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think you need a paid version in order to post in the Android forums.

Admittently I do not have the Android version, but last time I looked you needed to pay a small fee to get it from the store. So users of that version aren't free version users. Free version users are main program users. But as I am not an Android version user, I do not know if a user can post there if he/she only has that mobile version.

I still remember this forum was created when a few ^$%$##@'s started spamming all around this place. It was created so the troubles would be contained whilst publicly emphasising this forum is the oppurtunity for free version newbies to put their questions forward -- which is also true.

Regarding Sonu11's question, I do agree it is more suited to the Adroid technical support in a new thread. it shouldn't be in a thread labeled 'report on...'.
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Or, if you are using the free version of DVDprofiler, post the question in a new thread here in this forum specifically tailored to new and free version users.
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Well, remember Microsoft updates W10 regularly, recently with a major update (concurs with your '...the last few weeks'), but many minors every so many weeks. This means authorisations and defaults may have been reset causing the sudden change of behaviour.

(AFAIK) Files from another user (in folders owned by that user) can be accessed only from an administrators account, or the sharing properties must be (re-)set to full access by the administrator so as to make them accessible by 'normal' users.

If you're using file explorer to access a restricted file or folder you get a message asking to confirm you want that as an administrator. Even if you're logged in as administator. Now I do not know the low level workings of DVDprofiler but it may well be that an access privilige issue may be returned as a 'read-only' problem in the user interface.

So, my suggestion would be to log in as W10 administrator and check the access rights (share profile) of the folders and files (!) concerned.

P.S. Note the relevant file(s) are names starting with "COLLECTION", not "tblCollection". This means the error was passed on from the inner workings of the database layer, so many 're-interpretations' may be done. FWIW.
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Let's start with the obvious: did you enter the registration key you received in the program?

If so, click 'add to collection' and switch from the 'Add By EAN'/'Add by UPC' to 'By Title'.
Set the criteria 'Region', 'Locality' and 'BD region' all to 'Any'.
Now enter the disk title into the Title field and see if it shows up.

Alternatively, if you think the 50/60 max is the issue, try removing a few titles and see whether the program now allows additions. If so, hitting the max is indeed the issue.

Note the online database is based on the contributions by users and it may simply be the case you wanted a profile that nobody has contributed yet.
This can happen with rarely bought titles, or very new. Also be aware that the number of titles vary enormously per locality (=country where the title is/was on sale). For instance, play around with 'Locatlity' and near the top of the window you see 'Filtered DVDs:': the USA has about 200,000 titles in the online database and Vietnam just 1 (just looked). Anything inbetween with other localities.

As you are now a registered user you can ask for support: the 'support' tab on this web site, near the bottom of the web page. PS you should see your registration key in the 'registration' tab if logged in.
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(avec l'aide de Google Translate...)
Installez DVDprofiler. L'interface par défaut est en anglais, donc une fois installé, choisissez dans le menu:
Tools -> Options
Puis choisissez l'onglet "System", puis choisissez "Français" dans 'Language' pour changer la langue de l'interface.
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'premium user' is rarely used but:

If you are using DVDprofiler for free, please note in that form it is cripleware AKA seriously limited shareware. Only by paying the one-off fee you become a 'registered user'. referred to by some as 'premium user'. But the first posts showing up in 'Search...' using the phrase 'premium user' are some 10 years old..

A few fora are requiring demonstrable extra qualifications (like developers skills for 'plugin development') to participate but I assume you didn't mean that.

So register and be(come) happy ! 

------------------Google Translate says:
Premium-Benutzer wird selten verwendet, aber:

Wenn Sie DVDprofiler kostenlos benutzen, beachten Sie bitte, dass es in diesem Formular Cripleware AKA ernsthaft begrenzt Shareware ist. Nur wenn Sie die einmalige Gebühr bezahlen, werden Sie ein "registrierter Benutzer". von einigen als "Premium-Nutzer" bezeichnet. Aber die ersten Posts, die in 'Suchen ...' mit dem Ausdruck 'Premium-Benutzer' erscheinen, sind etwa 10 Jahre alt.

Ein paar Foren erfordern nachweisbare zusätzliche Qualifikationen (wie Entwickler Fähigkeiten für "Plugin-Entwicklung") zu beteiligen, aber ich nehme an, Sie haben das nicht gemeint.

So registrieren Sie sich und werden (kommen) glücklich!
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This was explained to you before, see the answer here.

If you have problems following this up, please say what so people here can help you out. Restating the original question isn't really the best way to get you going...

----------Google Translate says:
Das wurde dir vorher erklärt, siehe die Antwort hier.

Wenn Sie Probleme haben dies zu tun, sagen Sie bitte was genau, damit die Leute hier Ihnen helfen können. Die ursprüngliche Frage zu stellen ist nicht wirklich der beste Weg, um loszulegen ...
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No suggestions; I agree.

I've locked all my profiles and always evaluate/approve before downloading updates from the online database. I found that images are not always replaced even when instructed to.

In such cases it only works if I delete the local images then refresh the profile. Just like you do. The problem is intermittent and not worth the hassle to report as a bug, to me at least. Happy to now be in good company    .

I think either the DVDprofiler code or the protocol to download from online (or both) still has one or more bugs...
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This is one way to do it:
1. Make a back-up of your local (90) collection to a back-up file (menu: File -> Backup...)
    Effectively you now have a local backup (90) and a online back-up with 213.
2. Restore the 213 from your online collection to your local PC collection
    (This will overwrite the 90, but that is why you needed the back-up made in step 1)
3. Open the restore option (menu: File -> Restore...) and select your back-up (90) file from step 1
4. ATTENTION Do NOT select full restore -- that would indeed overwrite the downloaded 213
5. Select partial restore and select all profiles that are in the list
6. Perform the restore, the 90 will be added to the 213
7. For safety, make a back-up but, of course, do not use the same name as the '90' back-up (!)
8. Once you're comfortable with your full local collection, now as intended, you could upload again to your online collection

Alternatively, you can create a new (!) database on your local PC (menu: File -> Open Database...) and download your online (213) collection into this new database. Create a local back-up file of the downloaded collection.
Then start playing around with the restore option (steps 5 and 6 above) to merge the two collections.
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Just added the profile to my collection to see what's wrong.

Nothing seems to be wrong: images and content are approved and present (i.e. audio, subtitles, cast, crew etc).

Why content doesn't show online I do not know. Have you checked your parameters for display (on the website 'my profile' -> 'omline collection settings')?
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First, you can see your contributions on this website. Choose 'my profiler' from the tabs then 'Contributions'. If the content was declined there may be a reason given by Invelos, check the details.

Second, if I look at your collection (thanks for the link but there is a button in the message header for that, the right blue one), I see Gladiator was submitted as a DVD profile, not a 4K profile. That may be the issue. Also, if you provide details like cast and/or crew, your source(s) must be indicated. This is a safeguard from Invelos against inappropriate copying from third party websites (read: IMDB).

Whether you've locked content on your PC is AFAIK not relevant for a contribution.
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First of all, I think this was discussed before, but really a long time ago. You may want to use the 'search forums' facility on this site and see what turns up.

DVD Profiler is set up as a single user program. For instance, if your kids would access your collection database they can add, delete, or change (whether sincere or mischievous) a DVD profile just like you. Just as I am not sure concurrent access by two or more different users from multiple PC's is an good thing.
If you and your kids use one and the same PC concurrency may not be an issue. But if your kids have different (non-admin?) accounts, you must make sure they get access privileges to the collection database location.

You can store your collection at any place, just peruse the menu File -> Open database... options. So this could be a file server. However, the program also uses local files (see menu Tools -> Options... -> File Folders) and stores info in your Windows registry and the AppData folder. Registry and AppData are per-user profiles.

And yes, if you restore from a full back-up, this can be on a new/different computer. However, your registration key must be transported before this...
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If you ran the "setup.exe" program and start DVDprofiler after that, you should see the Database Query plugin in the menu bar: Tools.
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DVDprofiler doesn't provide this directly; it only exports to .xml (ughh...) and its reports are IMHO only fit for physical prints.

I posted a solution earlier (see here). In short: load the Database Query plugin from Mark Harrison (see downloads/plugins section of this website). Install it, start it via the Tools menu and load the data (without cast/crew info).

Select "Other" (the last item on the left side), then select Field=ProfileID and Query='List by profile ID'. Run it, then all profiles are listed with only Title, Production year, Media type ans ProfileID (=EAN=UPC). You can trim the columns by right clicking on any column title then click or unclick what you (do not) want to see.

Select the whole list (click the first profile, then goto the last and shift-click it) and copy (the lefmost small icon below the title bar). The list is now on the clipboard.

Open Microsoft Word to paste. You can also open your favourite spreadsheet program (like Excel or LibreOffice) and paste -- these programs are more suited to column editing.
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Quoting alain60:

How to create a sub repertory Aladdin which include 3 movies in one repertory Walt Disney

It's not possible to post a picture in this post, I follow the rules, but not...

Thanks for your help


Comme ça?

<<Aidé par google translate>>
C'est une erreur que vous avez faite plus tôt. Vous avez utilisé les outils pour insérer une image correctement, mais vous avez entré la mauvaise référence à l'emplacement Web de l'image:
* Vous avez téléchargé une image sur cjoint.com - fait correctement
* Vous avez copié l'adresse web de la page qui affiche l'image, puis
* Utilisé cette adresse lors de la rédaction de votre message ici

Ce que vous devriez faire (vous avez déjà téléchargé donc pas besoin de le répéter):
* Accédez à la page Web cjoint.com qui affiche votre image
* Déplacez votre souris sur l'image, faites un clic droit et copiez l'emplacement de l'image
* Utilisez cette adresse pour insérer dans votre message

Voir la différence de code lorsque vous composez votre message:
Faux:    [ img src="https://www.cjoint.com/c/HEgwMMVZrP4" /]
Correct: [ img src="https://www.cjoint.com/doc/18_05/HEgwMMVZrP4_Capture.JPG" /]
(espace supplémentaire inséré avant 'img' pour s'assurer que l'on voit le code).

Sur le sujet: créez un coffret manuel "Walt Disney" puis insérez vos titres dans ce coffret.
Discuté cela plus tôt avec vous....
This is a mistake you made earlier. You used the tools to insert an image correctly, but you entered the wrong reference to the web location of the image:
* You uploaded an image to cjoint.com -- done correctly
* You copied the web address of the page that displays the image, then
* Used this address when composing your post here

What you should do (you already uploaded so no need to repeat that):
* Go to the cjoint.com web page that displays your image
* Move your mouse to the image, right click and copy the image location
* Use this address to insert in your post

See the difference in code when you compose your post:
(extra space inserted before 'img' to make sure one sees the code).

On topic: create a manual box set "Walt Disney" then insert your titles in that box set.
Discussed this earlier with you...
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When you've run a report, you can choose the print button. You'll then see a dialog window 'Print Report' where you can select a printer: 'Select/Setup Printer...'. That will show the 'Print Setup' dialog window where, apart from your installed printer(s), you should also see the windows standard 'Microsoft Print to PDF' option. This solves the 'anyelse' option you asked but doesn't produce a .txt file.

A .txt file isn't usable for the formatting required in a print report, unless it is very plain without graphics etc.

For a simple list you may want to read/reread this thread.

If you use the database query plugin (as suggested there) you can als copy and paste the list into a .txt file using windows Notepad instead of a spreadsheet program. But a spreadsheet program (like the free (!) LibreOffice or OpenOffice or similar) offers you more flexibility on the final edit you want... and then save it as text(*). You can find LibreOffice at www.libreoffice.org.

(*) The 'save as CSV' option is the one: that produces basically a text file with the columns separated by comma's -- or your other preferred separator.
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As I wrote before, DVDprofiler does not store any IMDB id (be that a movie, actor, actress or crew member). Nor does it grab data itself from anywhere.

The online database is built from user contributions. So, the users analyse the disk contents, the cover print and the web to assemble all data. If a movie isn't present in the online database, it is simply because nobody has contributed it yet.

To prevent legal challenges, the contribution rules prohibit sourcing any info from a single internet web source. Read: no blatant copy of IMDB data in contributions. This is apart from the fact that IMDB has been found out to contain errors -- some deliberate to detect 'blatant copies' and put lawyers to work...

Also: images of persons are not contributed via movie downloads. You either do it yourself and/or use the collections gathered by other users -- see the General Discussions: Headshot database threads.
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See last post
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Quoting alain60:

Is there also a tutorial for DVDProfiler and also the main point of the Forum

No, there is only the online help (F1 when you're in the program).
The program is so immensely flexible (customisable and apart from that editable screen lay-outs, ditto reports, ditto etc etc). See only the lay-outs, reports and plug-ins in the download section of the website to get a taste. And that is apart from programming with or handling .xml exports etc.

You'll easily spend a year full-time creating a decent tutorial only to find it outdated with a next release of the program.

So no, nobody has started this task (there have been tries) and finished it.
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