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Alright, so I recently did a contribution that got rejected, which is fine, but I want to know how to fix it.

-I put the initial profiles in the database for the new Phantasm Sphere collection box set and the individual child profiles (5 movies and 1 bonus disc). All approved and in the database.

-There is an older Phantasm set that was released a couple years ago. Same movies, older editions.

-In the new box set, a few of the discs are updated, so their disc ids are unique. However a couple of them are (I’m guessing) the same discs ported over from the older set, seeing as how they have disc ids that already exist in the database and they’re from the older set.

-So all my contributions were approved to get them into the database. But for the ones that already had existing disc ids, I changed their locality to get them into the database. So when I put them into the box set as child profiles and tried to update it, it got rejected with the response that some of the locations do not match each other, which I get.

So my question is, I would like to update the box set in the database to include its child profiles, but apparently I have to get the locality to jive up. Is there a way to have two discs in the database with the same id, but have them specific to each boxset? I changed the locality to one of the discs last night and when I tried to submit it, it was just trying to override the existing contribution. I hope all this made sense.
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Is there a way to nest boxset contents on your visible online collection?
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