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Beyond the Sea - Peter Swords King (Make-Up and Hair Designer)

Fairy Tale: A True Story - Peter King (Hair and Make-up Designer)
Love & Other Drugs - Peter King (Makeup Artist - Ms. Hathaway)
Quills - Peter King (Hair and Make-up Design)
Thunderbirds - Peter King (Hair and Make-up Designer)
Topic Replies: 5, Topic Views: 89
Nurse Jackie: S02E10 (Sleeping Dogs) - Andre Blake as Orthopedist
Topic Replies: 21, Topic Views: 640
Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights - J.D. Donaruma as Cop #3 & Worker #3 (voice)
Topic Replies: 11, Topic Views: 247
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid - Francisco Cordova as Bank Manager
Topic Replies: 2, Topic Views: 143
The Blue Dahlia - Walter Tyler (Art Direction)
The Greatest Show on Earth - Walter Tyler (Art Direction)
Shane - Walter Tyler (Art Direction)
True Grit - Walter Tyler (Production Designer)
Topic Replies: 12, Topic Views: 595
Right clicking and selecting view source, all with the title banner colored show this snippet "src="/images/GoldStar.gif" ALT="Popular". Suggesting that numerous people have added these titles to wishlist or ordered perhaps?
Topic Replies: 3, Topic Views: 286
Ride With the Wind - make-up - Melanie Hughes

Topic Replies: 23, Topic Views: 5026
Please remove Crank 2 from the list; the CLT result is for a box-set containing Crank 2 and In the Electric Mist and clearly shows the credit belonging to In the Electric Mist. Not credited in Crank 2.

Crank 2 - High Voltage / In the Electric Mist - Mord in Louisiana: TV Movie Edition 08/12
UPC: Disc: D2B0-432F-9DD2-5736
Locality: Germany
Produced: 2009
Released: 3/30/2012 on DVD


In the Electric Mist - Mord in Louisiana
Julio Cesar Cedillo [Julio César Cedillo] as Cholo Manelli
Topic Replies: 24, Topic Views: 961
Quoting zappman:
From: http://www.invelos.com/dvdpro/contributions/Rules.aspx?display=boxsets

"Box Sets" Containing More Than One Film
The term "Box Set" is used to define any release that includes more than one film. The main examples are:

Sets where each film is packaged individually, and held together in a package of some kind.
Sets where each film is on a separate disc, but not individually packaged. This includes gatefold Digipaks and 2-Disc sets in normal DVD cases.
Sets containing 2 films, one on each side of Dual-Sided DVD.

Disc Features
contains the text pertaining to Bonus Feature Films.
Topic Replies: 5, Topic Views: 364
It is set up correctly, per the Bonus Feature Film part of the contribution rules.

Bonus Feature Films The term "Bonus Feature Film" is used to define any feature film that is included as part of the bonus material for a single release. These are not the same as Double Features or Anthology Collections which are a collection of films grouped together which require the "Box Set" contribution rules. Do not confuse "Bonus Feature Films" with "Any video documentary material regarding the film, or those associated with it." Those are Featurettes. Some examples of Bonus Feature Films are:

    Previous movie versions, example "Ben-Hur: Four-Disc Collector's Edition" which includes the 1925 version.
    Companion movie bonuses, example "Season of the Witch" which includes "There's Always Vanilla" from the same director.

Create the profile for the main feature in line with the standard Contribution Rules with the title of the Bonus Feature Film added to the Other Features field. Create a child profile for the "Bonus Feature Film" using its individual UPC if available or use Disc ID (read on a DVD-ROM) if not available. If the Disc ID is already in use, create an alternate version Disc ID. When creating a child profile, do not remove the "Bonus Feature Film" Disc ID from the main profile. When profiling the "Bonus Feature Film", only profile the data associated with that film. Any features associated with the Main Feature belong to the Main Feature profile. Add the additional profile to the Main Profile as a child profile via the Box Set button. Cover Images: Use the cover image from the Main Feature profile's packaging. Exception: If the "Bonus Feature Film" is individually packaged, use the cover images from that packaging.
Topic Replies: 5, Topic Views: 364
Hidden Figures - William Calvert (Voice Cast)
Broken Bridges (2006) - William Calvert (Loop Group)
Captain Fantastic - William Calvert (Looper) in Loop Group section
Draft Day - William Calvert (ADR Cast)
Hotel Transylvania - William Calvert (Additional Voices)
How to Be a Latin Lover - William Calvert (ADR Cast)
Runner Runner - William Calvert (ADR Voices)
The Smurfs: The Legend of Smurfy Hollow - William Calvert (Additional Voices)
Your Friends & Neighbors - William Calvert (Additional Voices)
Topic Replies: 25, Topic Views: 817
Bandidas - Frédéric Thoraval
Taken - Frédéric Thoraval
Unforgettable - Frédéric Thoraval

Topic Replies: 2, Topic Views: 236
"P J Brown (1 confirmed)

Stag confirmed by greyghost"

I did not confirm this. I had missed the section in the original post listing "P J Brown" and was just pointing out the CLT result.

However I will confirm that the credit for Stag is P.J. Brown as Detective. (From Canadian DVD.)
Topic Replies: 20, Topic Views: 895
Urban Cowboy:
    Cast - Robert Bush as Dwight

    Crew - Bob Bush (Special Effects) - IMDB shows this as a separate person.
Topic Replies: 11, Topic Views: 573
Locality (number) is added to the UPC to create the unique identifier.
Topic Replies: 17, Topic Views: 1190
Agree, P.J. Brown in Sopranos:

Topic Replies: 20, Topic Views: 895
Numb3rs: The Complete Second Season(Ep 14) - PJ Brown  in database as P J Brown

Also in database under P J Brown is Despedida De Soltero (Stag)
Topic Replies: 20, Topic Views: 895
Use the gallery feature. CTL+ G, click on the folder icon lower left, copy the image of the receipt into it. Add the gallery to your layout.
Topic Replies: 6, Topic Views: 688
Exposed - Bjoern Rehbein
Indignation - Bjoern Rehbein
The Wiz Live! - Bjoern Rehbein

Beyond the Sea - Björn Rehbein
Resident Evil - Björn Rehbein
Topic Replies: 13, Topic Views: 757
How to be a Latin Lover - Melanie Hughes-Weaver (Department Head Makeup Artist)
Pitch Perfect 3 - Melanie Hughes-Weaver (Department Head Makeup)
Topic Replies: 23, Topic Views: 5026
Heller in Pink Tights - Winston Leverett (Sound Recording by)
The Tin Star - Winston Leverett (Sound Recording by)
Topic Replies: 12, Topic Views: 676
Silence - Bruce Steinheimer (Special Effects Supervisor)
Thor: Ragnarok - Bruce Steinheimer (SFX Supervisor)
Topic Replies: 28, Topic Views: 3582
7 Minutes - Ben Blankenship(Production Designer)
Atomica - Ben Blankenship(Production Designer)
Safety Not Guaranteed - Ben Blankenship(Production Designer)
Topic Replies: 3, Topic Views: 377
G.I. Joe: Retaliation - Benjamin Blankenship
Hercules - Benjamin Blankenship
San Andreas - Benjamin Blankenship
Topic Replies: 3, Topic Views: 377
The Last Ship: Season 2 (Ep. 2) - KIFF VANDENHEUVEL
This Is Us: Season 1 (Eps. 5 & 11)- kiff vandenheuvel
Topic Replies: 5, Topic Views: 442
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