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A long time ago I started writing a plugin that would keep an export synchronized on OneDrive, allowing DVD Register to sync without the Restifier hell. But then I asked myself one simple question: Why am I using a program that does not provide easy access to the data? That was the last time I opened DVD Profiler.

Unfortunately at the time Microsoft required age ratings to be updated in the store I was suffering from a burn-out, so I was unable to follow up when supplying the requested data failed. So now the application is delisted and bringing it back would require a new certification - which means upgrading it.

I just tried sideloading the XAP file I have (the one Cineast links to) on a Lumia 950 XL using the Windows 8 SDK. It failed with an error code. I then tried loading the source code into Visual Studio 2015 and it updates it to a Windows Phone 8 project... which does not compile due to conflicts in class names between the toolkit used for 7.x phone development and the 8.x classes. I spend 5 minutes trying to fix it and failed.

So I am afraid that this is it from my side. DVD Profiler just isn't useful for me without data access and I am busy with many other (more important and/or fun and/or interesting) projects - so I can't free up any time for this.

If someone else wants the source code to try to get it running please let me know.
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