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Quoting GSyren:
You posted the same thing a week ago. Did you look at the suggestions you got there? If not, here they are again:
Two things:
- Run a database repair if you haven't already done that. (Tools/Options/Utilities)
- FAQ entry regarding Floating point error:
Floating Point Error, or missing text on buttons.
You're experiencing either a floating point error at program startup, AND/OR missing text on some or all of the buttons in DVD Profiler.

This is usually caused by a missing or corrupted Tahoma font. The Tahoma font is a standard Windows font that is installed by default on all versions of Windows from 95 and up.

You can download the tahoma font here. Download and open the file to install it. Alternatively, open the Fonts section of the Windows Control Panel and install it via that interface.

This error can also be caused by a corrupted online profile list file. To correct this, from DVD Profiler's main menu, select Online->Refresh Online Profile List while holding CTRL.

If you have done that, say so. Don't make us guess ...

I tried re-installing the Tahoma font and refreshing the profile list but I'm still getting a "not responding" message when I try to add something. I''m able to add a few titles at a time before it stops responding then I have to clt-alt-delete then run the repair utility. I've uninstalled it, re-installed it, but I'm still having problems. It's ran flawlessly up until the last few days. BTW, I've not added anything new nor have I added any new hardware and I'm running Win10 x-64.
Any help would be appreciated.
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