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We need multiple BYs for Peter Wolf

Peter Wolf (1946)
Musician/Lead Singer of J. Geils Band: Grown Ups 2, others

Peter Wolf (1952)
Song Writer/Composer: Top Gun, Short Circuit, others

Peter Wolf (1965)
Actor: Black Death

Peter Wolf (1945)
Cinematographer: Prime Target, Terror in Beverly Hills

Submitted 10/24
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Quoting SpikyCactus:
Quoting AiAustria:
Catalonian, the second "Spanish" language is available.

If there is really a language, which is not available we have "other"...

Hello. The example that prompted my question has Audio Tracks for Spanish (Traditional Sort) 1 and Spanish (Traditional Sort) 2, but as my Spanish speaking ability is worse than my Klingon, I can't tell the difference.  Also, I recently saw a disc that had (I can't remember the exact wording but basically it was) Spanish for Spain and Spanish for South America, so the latter would suggest there're still two versions of Spanish as well as Catalonian. 

Seriously, life would be so much easier if no one working in films/TV was allowed to have the same name as anyone else ever who's also worked in films/TV; and everyone spoke English, (Traditional of course). 

It seems to me that most disc have "Spanish" and "Castillian" Spanish which if I understand correct, is not the same at Catalonian which is an option.  I think people treat the two as the same sometimes and again if I understand correctly, Castillian and Catalonian are different.  I didn't go beyond high school Spanish though, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
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Hi Everyone,

Is there a way to find out the reason for a declined contributions?  I contributed almost the exact same thing to different versions of Spider-Man 2 (the difference was song writing credits that was already present in one version and wasn't in the other).  Both contributions had 2 yes votes and 0 no votes.  One was approved and one was declined, and I'd love to know why?

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thank you all!!!
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Hi Everyone,

Is there a way to put images in contribution notes?  I have a title change that got denied but I'm fairly certain is correct and I figured by adding visual proof it would help.  I'm not very "tech savvy" so not sure if there is a way to embed it or anything like that?  I guess worst case scenario I could always say "see cover images"

As always, thanks in advance for your help!
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Thank you both!!
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Thank you!  I've been using Blu-ray.com for years and had no idea you could find UPCs there!
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Hey everyone just wanted to know what's the best sites to use to get UPCs for discs you don't own.  Especially for ones that haven't been released yet.  I'd love to be able to get some movies in the database before they are released.  Thanks in advance
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BTW the exact same thing happened to me today.

I had to open DVD Profiler with a new blank databases, but I realized but other databases were still in the folder, I just had to open it from there once I got the program open.

That will be annoying if I have to do it every time though
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Okay thank I will try this.  I really appreciate your help; I have no idea on the "technical" side of things so this is a big help!

P.S. My database is still being downloaded it's a big one!
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thanks for the suggestions.  I tried to snip and paste what it said but couldn't figure out how.

What I ended up doing (and it's in the process of now) was opening a new database and then downloading my online collection, which fortunately I had uploaded yesterday so I think it should be almost if not entirely up-to-date.

I will see if I can find the old one.  Basically it says that my Databases\Default\USERS.DAT does not exist
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My DVD Profiler won't open up and it says my profile doesn't exist.  I tried doing a full repair 4 times and it hasn't helped.  I've been using Invelos for well over 10 years and never had this happen.  Any ideas on what to do?
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Quoting GSyren:
Quoting GreyHulk:
Hollywood Gold Series

I personally would ignore the hyphens.

I have changed my mind, and agree with that.

Same here
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Thanks everyone for your feedback!
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Do Puppeteers get credited with the cast if they are not listed in the cast section?  Also, if a company that does the puppeteering is credited and then individual puppeteers get credits, would the company receive a group divider like in the crew?

My gut says no, at least on the second question.
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Thanks that's what I was thinking too!
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For a TV Series (or miniseries, as is the case I'm talking about), would you give a credit that reads Title Music By a Composer or Theme By credit?

Literally it's more along the lines of Composer, but thematically (no pun intended) Theme By seems more appropriate...
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In a disc contains episode such a tv series or something similar, would you consider the ability to choose episodes Scene Access?  The rules state: Menu option allowing access to individual chapters or scenes.  I would because I would consider each episode a chapter.

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Just noting that based on the most recent findings, the common name has shifted to Robert Mackenzie
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Quoting AiAustria:
You can select an entry in the list an move it with the green arrows. - When reaching the top of the current section, the entry is moved up/down to the same section of the previous/following episode.

Thank you!  I was sure it was something easy that I just didn't know how to do!
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Hey All,

I feel like I shoul dknow how to do this but I can't get it to work.  I noticed that David Chase is credited for "Created By" or the Sopranos.  This is a valid credit so I went to add it.  However, in the profiles that have multiple episodes, I can only add it to the last episode on the disc.  I tried to drag and drop it but it won't let me.

Anyone know how I can get the credit to the other episodes on the disc?

Thanks in advance!
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It seems like we should get an update to this list--a lot of the recent ones seem to be Rob Duncan, and some of the Robert Duncans appear to be a composer so not sure if that's the same guy?  I'm not 100% sure if Robert is still the common name?
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Quoting Kluge:
Supervising Sound Editor

"Thomas E. DeGorter" is credited in the following 233 titles (471 profiles) - 15 confirmed
Beverly Hills Chihuahua
Lost:Season 2
Lost:Season 3
Lost:Season 4
Lost:Season 5
Lost:Season 6
Once Upon a Time: Season 1
Once Upon a Time: Season 2
Once Upon a Time: Season 3
Once Upon a Time: Season 4
Once Upon a Time: Season 5
Person of Interest: Season 1
Quicksilver Highway
The Rats
Virtual Obsession

"Tom DeGorter" is credited in the following 223 titles (393 profiles)  - 16 confirmed
Alias: Season 1
Alias: Season 2
Alias: Season 3
Alias: Season 4
Alias: Season 5
Bates Motel: Season One
Bates Motel: Season Two
Bates Motel: Season Three
Bates Motel: Season Four
Constantine: The Complete Series
Law & Order: The Fourth Year
Northern Exposure: Season 2
The Pretender (as Sound Supervisor -> invalid because a PSM is credited)
Princess Protection Program
Teen Spirit
Thirteen Days (Invalid Foley Supervisor credit)
Twin Peaks: Season 2
Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie

"Tom De Gorter" is credited in the following 94 titles (177 profiles) - 1 confirmed
Lost: Season 1
What About Brian

"Thomas DeGorter" is credited in the following 32 titles (60 profiles) - 4 confirmed
Law & Order: The Third Year (Invalid - Not credited)
The Terror Inside
Stephen King's The Shining
Westworld: Season One
Westworld: Season Two
Winds of Terror

"Thomas De Gorter" is credited in the following 1 titles (7 profiles) - 1 confirmed
Beyond the Stars

"Thomas E. DeGorter" is credited in the following 226 titles (456 profiles)

"Thomas E. De Gorter" is credited in the following 0 titles (0 profiles) - 1 confirmed
Code Black

For CLT de=De

I'm confused about the results for this.  At last check it has Thomas E. DeGorter at 15 confirmed and Tom DeGorter at 16 confirmed.  However, below it lists another Thomas E. DeGorter separately for Perception, which would make it a tie.

Which is the correct one per CLT?  Have there been any updates since 2018?  I see that Once Upon A Time Season 6 has him listed as Thomas E. DeGorter, but I don't have it so I can't verify.
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New Birthyear is needed for Lauren Jones

Lauren Jones (1982)
Actress, Model - The Expendables, The Naked Brothers Band, WWE

Lauren Jones (1942)
Actress- Car Wash, Juice, Sanfred & Son

APPROVED 5/11/20
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