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David Hedison’s final voyage … legendary Voyage To The Bottom of The Sea actor passes away.

Actor David Hedison who played Captain Lee B. Crane in Irwin Allen’s brilliant Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea (1964-1968), has passed away at the grand old age of 92.
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Rutger Hauer R.I.P: Bladerunner actor; gone, like tears in the rain.

Dutch actor Rutger Hauer, perhaps best known for his role in 1982’s Blade Runner film as replicant Roy Batty, has passed away in his Netherlands home at Beetsterzwaag aged 75 (suffering briefly from cancer). Rutger’s portrayal of Batty was said by by Philip K. Dick to be, “the perfect Batty – cold, Aryan, flawless.”
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BTW I found a workaround for not working on wife's phone.
I re-installed, but placed the database on the phone NOT on external storage.
This fixed the problem for now.
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I see in other topics where people are having trouble running the Mobile versions of Profiler.
I have had the same issue, BUT it is the fault of the operating system, not invelos.

Myself and my wife have identical Android phones (Note 8). I am on Vodafone and she who must be obeyed is on Telecom (spark).
We, within a week of each other did a security update (checked, the same one). Her phone now cannot run Profiler, where mine is perfectly fine. As you may know, each carrier gets the updates and tweaks them to suit themselves. So obviously Telecom have changed something that Vodafone have not.

Annoying, but as a developer, almost impossible to program against every change that a carrier makes that breaks shiitake mushroom. Very, very annoying, but such is modern life. And I would bet that if the change was fixed, it would break something else on another carriers phone.

Just my 2 cents worth.
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For all you Blake's 7 fans, Kerr Avon has passed on.
Still doing audio plays for Big Finish until the end.

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I have created a Custom Backup plugin that allows a specified directory to be backed up when you do a backup.
I created this as I have a custom soundtrack directory containing playlists and album covers that I get backed up whenever I do a backup, to a zip file.

After install you will see a new menu item 'specise_8472/backup'.
Click on this and you will be presented with a dialog to enter a folder path to backup. (no trailing slash!)
Now when you do a backup this directory will be backed up to a zip file with the same name as the backup file.zip. and in the same place as the backup.
If you do not enter a path you will get a message that no custom path provided. If provided you will get a success message. This runs automatically after the main backup has finished.

The filepath is stored in a Backup.ini file that is created in the same directory as the plugin.

If you are doing a lot of 'partial' backups and this is annoying, then just open backup again and save with no path specified. This will put a blank entry in the ini file.
At any time you can change the path by entering a new path which will overwrite the existing path.

File can be found at    https://1drv.ms/f/s!AszUwF4_399MmjUaCSUi87shgGZ-
There is an installer .exe which registers it after install and the raw .dll for users who prefer more control.

To do,
Multiple directory's if a need for this.
Restore back on system restore

Cheers George
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Quoting mediadogg:
Quoting iPatsa:
Quoting mediadogg:
Just occurred to me: do you want to include streaming titles not also owned on physical media?

More and more often, I am buying some 4K titles on sale at VUDU, without the disc.

If you really think that you own something that you stream online, then be my guest! 

Well I agree that DRM involves a lot of trust. I don't own the physical media, but I own the right to download and / or stream the content on any supported device. I realize that is what I am paying for. You are implying that I am naive, but I am not. But yes, I do agree that I am trusting the system and the way it is supposed to work, and that someday I might regret it. If the system fails, I will be in the company of millions of others, and I am sure there will class actions. I do have coupons and receipts for purchases, but - yeah, who wants to go through that ...

Having the information catalogued would help in the case I needed to make an insurance claim or tax deduction for the loss, if some vendor, such as VUDU goes belly-up without a backup supplier for the DRM content.

A kind of weak analogy is buying a ticket to see a movie. Until you actually get to the theater and experience the content, you must trust that it will happen. You don't own the movie, just the right to see it at a particular place and time.

I have noticed that on the Digital download vouchers you get in the disks.
"After <insert date here> Redemption, Streaming and Downloading of the program may not be available"
So they are time limited. And if you cannot access them after the date then <insert sad face here>.
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Finally made 200.
And over half of them are not or have not been available here.

Actually quite shoddy, as we get our releases from Australia, and they quite often pull releases so they do not run out.
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Quoting mediadogg:
Well my comments were genuine. The MS interface to the scheduler is horrible. That's probably why most people don't use it, even those of us that know about it.

The other perspective I have is selfish. If you do this, I can scratch two "plugins in planning" off my list.

One you know about, XMLSpy. The other has been on my list for a long time, but never got much further - an "OnEvent" mechanism inside DVDP. Basically it would be a way to do things based on triggers, including time. If you make your tool, there probably wouldn't be enough additional value to either of those planned plugins, so it would save me tons of time and grief.

Now if there were a way to send DVDP a command directly, without using virtual keystrokes such as  AutoIT ... stay tuned.    It is in testing. I've learned my lesson. Won't even release a Beta until it has been thoroughly tested, and this one has no GUI.

I have looked into this and there are some possibilities.
EVENT_ID is only really useful for doing something after an event is triggered. (I use this in my plugins to populate things on events like DVDSelected gets UPC and Title etc.)
EXECUTEACTION Sounds like a good thing, but need to work out the mechanics of it
TRIGGERMENUITEM This can be used to trigger any of the builtin Profiler menu items.
RUNCOMMANDFILE You can run the command file any time, not just at startup

I will possibly get onto looking into these over Xmas, as too much on at work. What time I have had to work on things, I have now got all my plugins working / compiling under XE10.2 Tokyo.
While combing through the Plugininterface file for Pascal I have found heaps of gems, like searching the online DB, and the ability to interface with Custom Data.

Just had an idea, you could have a 'sidebar' that has all your commonly used menus at your finger tips.
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I will keep using this, even if the worst happens.
What other offerings have an API that allows users to create their own plugins?

So if for some reasons out of Ken's control, this folds at least I can still use the program and add profiles from scratch.
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