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since your library is on your phone . .I would create a new data base on your PC.. then restore your library back to the data .. IF you are saying you don't have your library in the cloud ( invelos )  only your phone,, you may be hooped .. the iphone/ method was a backup to your data  not the other way around ..

I use my phone dat all the time .. BUT it is taken from my invelos  data  which is uploaded from my PC ..

I have heard that a lot of people are dumping their PC's and laptop software and just relying on their phones.. but that primarily is for email , internet and certain office aps  ( excel/ word /PPoint and Access  not sure if Access or PP can 'generate'  new reports on its own.

I don't think you deleted your on line reports  just kept adding to it..  So therefore:
get to a laptop and/or windows based PC  from 7 to 10 will work fine ..

Then if not installed  Install fresh  if install remove entirely form the PC .. then download the software from the main page   once installed then  log in to your account  .. then "download"  what your account has in its data back to the PC  ..

Next once satisfied that the data is good or near up to date)  go phone data and compare make notes of what titles are missing .. Add the/any  missing titles to your' PC data'  .,  Then 'UPload the data''  back to the data base in in the Invelos 'clouds' ,...   
then completely remove the software and data of your phone  and then reinstall and download the saved data to your Phone .. 

NOW if the Previously online data was corrupt and won't accept any new entrys  by creating a new data base and then saving it ...  should work  in reverse if you now upload back ....
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besides your phone can you log in to your account via windows ..?  what is the amount of titles 2800  or 27?

if 27  are (almost) hooped .,,  if so go back to your 'windows versions' of profiler..

if so there is your current older 2800 titles .. then reload back to the cloud- the full library .. 

once done , restore your data on your phone back to the cloud database ..

Invelos was built for windows XP 7 8 and 10 .  smart phones come  second ..
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good one GSyren! ..,,  ... 
but that site probably has a lot of advertisers etc to track you .. and Invelos is bought and paid for ( in my case 20 years ) . plus- by adding the title to a wish list pops my titles right in line when I open Profiler .. no extra sites involved .
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check to see if it has been marked  ' Adult '  .. ( for the rating )
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what I do  .. is if I watch a film/ movie on Netflick  and want to be able to recall the date I saw it. .
I add the title to my wish list --  and then edit the date in that way..
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thanks for reply back ..
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Happy Birthday Pete!!    same date as my wife's  and Clint Eastwood too ... wanted to ask what size is your flat screen TV Monitor at home ??
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Quoting ObiKen:
The visual image may be striking or empowering, but its the music that stirs the emotions and creates tension.

Even the silent movies of the past had a piano player!

Give me Stanley Kubrick's "2001 - A Space Odyssey" with the music any day!

Done well, film music should be felt, not heard.

I was 18 when I first saw 2001... and from that point on I loved classical music...
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Did you run the Data base Repair  under Tools / Options/ Utilities .. ?
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the contributions for House of Cards first second and third seasons  keeps coming up every time over and over again ... when  I refresh for new contributions.. 

is it stuck .. or is it me???
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There may be some earlier titles these past few months that are not being pressed in DVD format only .,
but just Blue ray and 4k  ONLY ..

anyone know?
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thanks for that .,  dfmorgan
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I see from digital bits that long awaited James Cameron movie(s) maybe on its way this year for 4K and blue ray release!!

or maybe not …..
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Thanks Greyghost that’s IT !!  Great movie..!
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Movie is from the 90’s , a guy stumbles back home to his hometown bar, (?) and sees his friends, then proceeds to describe his recent experiences of being captured by and taken by aliens till his release. It may be based on a real life experience similar to the Betty and Barney Hill story . But is not the same. I was sure it was called ‘The Arrival ‘ but it is Not the Charlie Sheen vehicle from 1996.
Its been gnawing on me all day and can’t put my finger on this.
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well answer wasn't of any help .. :

Thank you for your response.

With reference to your query, please be advised that PowerDVD 17 is a playback software and it is unable to generate a Disk-ID manually. Also, PowerDVD 17 will automatically read the inserted Disk as long as it is within the supported disk type of the software itself.

We suggest to either contact the hardware manufacturer of your CD/DVD Drive or Windows, as the recent update for Windows 10 might affecting the performance and compatibility of your CD/DVD Drive.

Please feel free to contact us back for further clarification or assistance related to CyberLink Products. Use the link below to get back to us.


Thanks and Regards,

CyberLink Technical Support
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thanks for your replys .. I'll stick with the support ticket from Cyberlink and see if I get any new leads .
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Never had this situation before until recently ..  My DVD's which carry the disc ID embedded in them  and has mysteriously changed ..

Idea of course is I open up my data bank ,, or Invelos Program of my title and by inserting a dvd into the DVD/cdrom tray of my PC windows 10.. the disc is read and the disc number matches up and the disc is now proudly displayed by itself ..

But this past week... i have found numerous examples ( and some not) the program displays " Disc ID not found' Add title?    "

and sure enough the disc ID is a few numbers and letters off .. So of course I add the  new ID  and I'm not going to submit this as I'm sure its the fault of my PC ( updates?)  ,, or the program I use which is Powerdvd17 by cyberlink .

I'm I alone on this?  has this happen to others?  I sent a support ticket off to Cyberlink  but they don't understand this problem  and think I can no longer play the DVD ..

I can play no problem.. but I kinda enjoy the advent of Invleos Profiler finding and identifying my disc to my data ..

This has never been a problem in over 15 years years and my powerdvd has been always updated over the years to my present edition of 17 ..

Do you use Disc ID to find any  disc in question by inserting into dvdrom..?
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about 7 years ago  I had two HDDVD Warner Bros discs  of 'Phantom of the Opera' (2004) .., and Mutiny on the Bounty (1960) both dics .. wouldn't playback a certain chapter.. I tested it on three HDDvd  (Toshiba) machines and all playbacks  was the same results..   

But I managed to get a hold of the Head office for Warner Bros .,  whv@wb.com and outlined my situation  and got an email back saying to send them my home address to  person@warnerbros.com  (sic) ., and they sent me a prepaid postage envelope and since this was now around 2012 .. no longer carried HDdvd  but was able to swap these  titles to BlueRay  titles ..  and I couldn't be happier .. 

Not the same though for Elite Entertainment .. My copy or DVD of Lady In White (1988) also wouldn't load up and play  and I could not get any response/ reply  from Elite Entertainment  as they have changed hands and no longer are in business ....
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you can add titles using bar code

but to print out out your entire collection using barcode  would be best if you only had 1 title ...
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that's good .. its what I thought  but was sure I  read in the contributions  forums here long ago the cover art takes precedence ..
therefore ..
all good  .. My bad ..
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I noticed today we have (out of a dozen or so contribution in data) the  1937 'A Star is Born'  there are two listed as 1934 .. then I see that the rear packaging is incorrectly  listed as 1934 .. 
I'm sure there is a discussion on this somewhere ., ' where "what is on the  cover takes precedence than what is on the actual film / screen images ..' .

thought we/us  at Invelos wanted to be better than IMDB  and not make any mistakes what
so-ever .. and besides that..,,  it draws a lot of confusion between any of us who actually know and those of us who don't have a clue.. as the people were.. who put that inferior artwork  together ....

So by putting in the correct year on both of these titles .. I'm sure to get a rejection -that will then be approved by the staff to be.. who is in charge of keeping the Data correct ...
Film should always take precedence over a cheap cardboard knockoff , put out by a licenced manufacturer who can take out of date public domain title  and put together their own overview  and that's all it is ..  an Overview of the facts that one staffer can't read ....
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one idea-  may be on top of the tagged titles for each category,  is for either for AFI titles is to use their ranking  ( i.e.) #1  is (drama) Citizen Kane  or  (comedy) Some like it Hot etc etc ..  you could edit the listed title under 'sort Title putting a 1, or 2 , 3 etc will put those tagged titles in the order you perfer ...
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Why ?/  probably for a few reasons .. Streaming is #1  .. Nothing exciting  or overly wanting for #2,

and I guess most new releases of dvd's BD or boring..    would round this out .. 

Only mainly interested in added classics and updated restorations to my own library and I usually add these during the year as they come out ..

For streaming titles such as ..  (what ever).. I would add the title to my data base just so I can add adate of watched to said title .. and if need be add it to my wish list under the 5 orders of wish.

I have always had Video VHS  Movies  or Laser Disc  or DVD  and then Blue Ray under the tree ever year for almost 40 years ...  ( I refuse at this point at my age to  add/ upgrade titles to  4K )

which then leads to know that this or  My  phenomenon is not unique ...

thoughts ?

anyway..  Merry Christmas to all..
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