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Common name (Are they the same actor): Cesare Di Vito / Vito Fasano
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Cesare Di Vito is an Italian actor, who took part in dozens of films, but unfortunately we have very little information.
The common name is practically certain.
But, I have strong suspicions, which in some cases have also used another alias, Vito Fasano.

If you compare the dates of the IMDb profiles, it seems that this alias was used at the beginning of the career, but also in the last works...


From CLT:
Cesare Di Vito (36/78)
Vito Fasano (3/24)

This doubt of mine starts from here:

In the film La Cage aux folles II aka Il Vizietto II (1980), I clearly recognized him as a taxi driver, but in the credits he appeared as Vito Fasano.
Here is a screenshot from my DVD:

Here you can see a comparison, between the only existing photo on the web and my screenshot:

Subsequently, I made two screenshots from my Titus (1999) DVD, where it appears again as Vito Fasano, as Goth General.
(Keep in mind that about twenty years have passed since the screenshot above):

What do you think?
Thanks for your help.
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