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What kind of information, that cannot be contributed, do you keep locally?
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Rating: If a film is "Unrated" but had a rating in a different cut, I apply that rating locally.  If the film was rated but it's not on the cover (Criterion releases), I apply that locally as well.

Custom Crew Roles: I sometimes list "Choreographer" (for old musicals) and "Adaptation" (old films, if there's no other writing credits)

Media Type Removal: Since I don't keep the DVDs in combo packs for the most part, I remove the checkmark for that format from blu-ray/DVD combo profiles (and don't download the child profile)

TV Show titles: I've changed several for ease to the following format - Title: Season #
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Quoting CubbyUps:
Quoting mreeder50:
Sort Title, Media Type, DVD Title, Edition, Regions, Video Formats, Features, All Crew, Discs, All Cover Scans

I personally use custom roles for most of the crew. When you contribute a role for lets say "Sound Re-Recording Mixer" and you use "Re-Recording Mixer" which is what's listed then contribute a qualified change within the Crew section the contribution only contributes the original "Sound Re-Recording Mixer" which is fine. Then someone else makes an update and you accept this update all the custom role crew members get duplicated along with keeping the custom role entry so you end up with 2 of the same person listed, 1 with "Sound Re-Recording Mixer" and 1 with "Sound Re-Recording Mixer" and a custom role of "Re-Recording Mixer". This happens for all the entries with custom roles. One royal pain the a$$. If I want one of the updates, I have to write it down and enter it after the regular updates. I hope I made this understandable.

Exactly, I have no idea why the program can't be fixed so that it ignores the local custom credits in the crew section.
I mean, Ken added it so that we can more closely enter what is really on screen, yet the program treats it as if it's not a legit entry and ignores it anyway and forces one to accept an update only to go back and remove the duplicates.
It's a major pain.

Oh yes, downloads too, I forgot to include them, although I only have three at the moment.
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Quoting DJ Doena:
TV show titles because I like my seasons numbered clean and equally. No "The Complete Season One" here and "The Second Season" there. ...."

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