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Custom Backup plugin
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DVD Profiler Desktop and Mobile Registrantspecise_8472
It wasn't me...
Registered: January 27, 2009
New Zealand Posts: 153
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I have created a Custom Backup plugin that allows a specified directory to be backed up when you do a backup.
I created this as I have a custom soundtrack directory containing playlists and album covers that I get backed up whenever I do a backup, to a zip file.

After install you will see a new menu item 'specise_8472/backup'.
Click on this and you will be presented with a dialog to enter a folder path to backup. (no trailing slash!)
Now when you do a backup this directory will be backed up to a zip file with the same name as the backup file.zip. and in the same place as the backup.
If you do not enter a path you will get a message that no custom path provided. If provided you will get a success message. This runs automatically after the main backup has finished.

The filepath is stored in a Backup.ini file that is created in the same directory as the plugin.

If you are doing a lot of 'partial' backups and this is annoying, then just open backup again and save with no path specified. This will put a blank entry in the ini file.
At any time you can change the path by entering a new path which will overwrite the existing path.

File can be found at    https://1drv.ms/f/s!AszUwF4_399MmjUaCSUi87shgGZ-
There is an installer .exe which registers it after install and the raw .dll for users who prefer more control.

To do,
Multiple directory's if a need for this.
Restore back on system restore

Cheers George
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