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Quality of Current Denon Models?
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DVD Profiler Unlimited Registrantstephan.klose
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after 10 years my trusty Onkyo SR606 has died and it's time for a new Receiver.
I was thinking of the Denon AVRX2500H which seems like a very reasonable choice and it's also a new machine. The current Onkyo offering is a few years old already.
Does anyone have any experience with later Denone Receivers? Good or bad would be useful...

Thanks a lot
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I had an old Onkyo receiver that died and I found out that it qualified for a special Onkyo replacement program, where you could either get it repaired for free (even out of warranty), a rebate towards a new one from their online shop, or cash rebate for purchase on Amazon. I chose the cash rebate and was able to get a new low-end 4K unit for less than $200 after rebate.

To see if your unit qualifies, you can go here, and enter your serial number and then follow the prompts. Good luck. It worked a treat for me!

BTW, there is some discussion, albeit a few months old, in the Home Theater threads, comparing various brands of a/v receiver. Denon is recommended quite a bit in there.
Thanks for your support.
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