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Region free 4K profiles?
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Having just started with 4K releases (bought the appropriate equipment October 3rd, everything delivered and installed by last Friday and bought some 4K releases in Germany Friday afternoon), I am a bit surprised by the volume of 4K releases in the online database that are designated as region specific.

See for yourselves: use "Add by title", selected Locality to "Any" and Media to "4K Ultra HD" only.

4K disks are region-free by design. General contribution policy has always been that the leading disk for such features/restrictions is the disk with the main feature. So the online database should only have region-free 4K profiles IMHO.

Now I realise part of the cause is sloppy contribution. By default, a blank new BluRay release always has a region selected, so making it region-free is a deliberate change one has to make. For instance, Warner, Paramount and Universal BluRay's are known to be region-free (I have yet to hear of a BR from them that is not... and even so it would be a very rare exeption to the rule), but there are tons of BluRay profiles from these companies that have the default region of the locality. Aside that, perhaps not everyone knows that 4K disks are always region-free.

To entice people to buy, 4K releases always contain a 'normal' BluRay as well.
As with the early days of BluRays, where some bonus features were on a region-bound DVD but the BR wasn't necessarily region-bound, some 4K releases have there bonuses on the BluRay only -- which could be region-bound. But IMHO this shouldn't make a difference for the main profile.

So why this post:
Do you agree of disagree with my line of thinking?
Should we ask Invelos to make any 4K contribution region free regardless (change in the contribution logic)?
Should Invelos make a change so a new 'blank' 4K profile is region free by default (program change?)?
Should we ask Invelos to retro-actively correct the database (make all 4K profiles region free)?

On a side issue: there are quite a number of BluRay profiles in the database with a child profile of the DVD of the same movie. I am not so happy with that (leading to many double counts for profiles unless manualy corrected a bit). But I can see the logic used.
Should we adopt a similar contribution set-up for 4K? With a 'normal' BluRay always also in the package (until the industry changes policy...) this requires a lot of retro-active changes to 4K profiles already in the online database...

With just "4K" as a search criterium I could not find a forum thread already discussing these issues. Apologies if I missed a relevant thread though.

If it is important, say it. Otherwise, let silence speak.
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I have all of one (1) 4K Ultra HD title but I assumed the region code would indicate the "normal" blu-ray included, since it would (could) still be region coded. And if the 4K title is always region free then it goes without saying so it doesn't really matter if the profile says something else.
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